Anti-American, Anti-Children Agenda

FOR I HAVE SEEN THE FUTURE…. and it is Anti-American, Anti-Veteran, Anti-Family, Anti-Children, Anti-Christian, with a degradation of morals now measured by the day.

The Red, White, and Blue blood that flows through my veins boils with anger, as I watch the updates of the shooting in Chattanooga Tennessee, where at least 4 Marines have been killed.

As I paused in writing this, I couldn’t help but notice that as always The Writers Blogk, Pundit From Another Planet, and Twitchy was shooting straight from the hip.

The American Lemmings didn’t mind in the least that Our Elected LawMakers totally ignored all issues that would have helped Our Country, i.e. Veterans, Child Maltreatment, Statute Of Limitations for Child Sexual Abuse, while allowing Christians not to have full rights guaranteed by Our Constitution as originally set down.

The fact remains that laws have been broken, and obvious COLLUSION can not be ignored.

Every American needed and deserved Health Care, yet obviously Laws were broken when premiums doubled and even tripled, which could not have been accomplished without COLLUSION.

Justice is meated out quiet differently in Our Country.

The MONOPLY CARD was used against AT&T and William Henry “Bill” Gates III.  Where is the MONOPLY CARD now with THE AMA, THE DRUG COMPANIES, and THE INSURANCE COMPANIES????

The Supreme Court overstepped their job description by a long shot;  if for no other reason, how is this fiasco BENEFICIAL TO THE AMERICAN PEOPLE, since CHILDREN ARE AMERICAN PEOPLE.  Although the AMERICAN LEMMING and PLANNED PARENTHOOD don’t believe they are, since what is listed as about 56,000,000 Murdered Babies is in all actuality more near 70,000,000 MURDERED BABIES since PLANNED PARENTHOOD gives abortions to CHILD SEX SLAVES AS YOUNG AS 12-YEARS-OLD.