Jane Doe , John Doe, America’s found unknown persons

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I was making Our Circle’s rounds the middle of the week, and while on FaceBook, I couldn’t help but notice a new Group that I just had to find out more.

As it turns out, this is a new group of obviously, very caring individuals, brought together by 3 very caring people with really big Hearts Of Gold.  I am going to ask everyone of Our Circle and Friends to go by, if you have a FaceBook page, and LIKE the pages.

Jane Doe , John Doe, America’s found unknown persons

(This is the Community)

Helping people locate their missing loved ones that have been found , but unidentified.

(This is the Public Group)

People that have been found in the USA , some living some deceased , all unknown . Help us get them home to their family’s . This group is for anyone missing a loved one or anyone wanting to help research and find the identity of the Jane and John Does that have been found.