We CAN Make A Difference!!!!

.jpg photo of poster saying Stop Abusive Talk To Children
Stop the Abusive Talk to Children

One man, is one man alone.

But when someone else joins with that one man, together they become a small army.

Our Circle went way beyond a small army when we came to WordPress.  There are many kinds of people, just as there are many races of people, in fact probably more than most of you know.  Contrary to what people think, all Native American’s are not Brothers, Uncles, Cousins, etc….  It has never happened, but I believe all Indins “could” come together.

I believe that because of what I have seen here on WordPress, FaceBook, and Twitter. Almost all the family reunions are gone, and anything like them are gone.


But I saw so many of you come out and look around when you heard there was Child Abuse near you.  Some of you rushed right over, some came sneaking around, peeping around corners, BUT YOU CAME!!!!

We will be here for you, and we ARE here for you….

2 thoughts on “We CAN Make A Difference!!!!”

    1. Idea???? It’s been a way of life for me most of my life.
      There are 3 words I do not like, 2 of which I do not use in the same context as the mass majority: “Try” and “Luck”.
      I have never learned to like any other description or evaluation of something I did, other than “Winner”. And I especially mean tasks, I don’t just do something, I give as close or more than 100%.
      If that doesn’t qualify me, I am 6′-6″ tall, certified in First Aid, CPR, AED Certified, 40 Hour OSHA Certified, Certified in Life Saving, Certified Senior Life Guard , Certified Diver,…. With the exceptions of the AED, and OSHA, I qualified for each of the others for the first time over 40 years ago.
      Thank You for your input, and just so you know,, I like your thinking, because “a strong hold” implies more than just a little preparation, but a firm grip or strength is only good for so long, because the chances of a positive outcome decrease with time after you reach a certain point.
      Come back and visit any time, and Thank You!!!!

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