Tennessee Mom Prays While Throwing 19-day-old Baby

Tennessee mom prays while throwing 19-day-old baby

A disturbing video shows a 19-day-old Memphis boy’s harrowing ordeal as he was violently thrown to the ground by his mom, who prayed, chanted and asked another child to join in the abuse.

The woman, who has not been named, invoked the name of God as she repeatedly tossed little Christian to the floor and encouraged a girl sitting in her lap to do the same on Friday, the video shows.

The boy’s father filmed the 13-minute ordeal over the hysterical cries of the infant and the girl, who begged her mom to stop, before calling police, he told Fox13.

The mom instructed her daughter to pick up the baby, then pushed her, forcing Christian to roll to the ground.

At times, he is left sprawled on the ground face-down.

The baby boy is left crying on the ground of the Memphis home.

His mom later dragged him around by the arm.

While the parents shouted at each other in the video, the dialogue is difficult to hear over the cries of the children.

Memphis police responded to the scene after the man reported the incident Friday. They later took the mother for psychiatric evaluation and placed little Christian with his grandmother, although it is not clear exactly how soon after the incident.

The department did not immediately respond to the Daily News’ request for comment Thursday morning.

Police first saw the video after the man sent the video to Fox13, who forwarded it over to authorities Monday.

A version of the video has been viewed on Facebook over 3.3 million times.

Although the distraught mother repeatedly told the boy’s father to take the baby as he lay wailing on the ground, the dad did nothing but record and shout for 13 minutes.

“I ain’t got nothing to do with that,” the man said in the video of caring for the boy. “Ma, you a low-down b***h. I’m going to kill you.”

He later spoke to Fox13 and said he was afraid to intervene during the woman’s “schizophrenic moment.”

“I wanted to put my hands on her, but I couldn’t,” the father said, “That was going to leave me in jail and the baby still was going to go with them. It can’t be two dumb parents.”

He said he took video for police evidence and to keep the child safe.

Memphis Police Colonel Marcus Worthy told WMC the man “took the proper steps, maybe not as quick as he should have,” by taking the baby and calling police.

The boy’s mother is mentally ill and had gone off her meds during her pregnancy “because she didn’t want to take anything to harm the baby,” grandmother Lily Moore said.

“Knowing my daughter, that was not my normal daughter,” Moore told the station.

Christian was examined at a hospital and is doing well, she said.
Child Protective Services, Memphis Police and the Attorney General’s Office are still investigating.

15 thoughts on “Tennessee Mom Prays While Throwing 19-day-old Baby”

  1. Heartbreaking ×1000
    The father not doig more than filming the whole thing is B.S.
    How can you watch and film a horror like that? What man would do that? I think that he deserves charges too.

    1. Bunny, from what I read it sounds as if this is not the first time the Law was involved, and quiet possibly he ended up on the wrong side of justice.
      Domestic Violence is wrong, no one should ever have to endure physical, mental, or verbal abuse.
      Although with the mindset of the current society, men pay the price for Domestic Violence a very large percentage of the time, while statistics indicate that justice is indeed blind, since women Abuse Children at close to 10% higher rate than men, and the actual number is probably even higher.
      So, in effect, a good many innocent men, most probably have a conviction for something they never did.

      1. I totally agree Robert – latest research indicates that women are more often the abusers. Most women spend more time with the children in their space and are not coping. Maybe this has always been the case and we are just able to highlight and identify more due to our modern day technology – but our modern day thinking is a joke – this father not taking action sooner is a bystander situation. Who in their right mind could watch anything living (related to you or otherwise) get hurt right in front of your very eyes and do nothing…this is not normal, human, caring behaviour…is this a creepy insight into the future? We do nothing but get it on film? Take no accountability, responsibility or action? This is a tragedy for humankind – like all abuse/violence is.

      2. Kait, they would have had to lock me away, if she lied, OH but he had the camera, he could have filmed himself saving his son, grabbing the diaper bag, and as he passed the camera on the way out, grabbed the camera…. HE’S A GUTLESS LEMMING!!!!

      3. 10000000000 x eleventeen squidzillion times over! I wish there was a way of qualifying parents. We have licences for dogs, marriage, cars, guns but not children….is that weird?! I know there are all sorts of implications re human rights etc, but surely the children should have rights acknowledged before any other? We live in a crazy old world Robert – can’t say I like it much for these things!

      4. Oh Kait, there are implications alright, sometime in February of this year, after all the donated resources was absorbed into my super-computer, along with all the tainted stats Our Country is known for, I was upset and posted one of my slaps in the face: I stated that at least 70%(I think) or more of every adult on this earth would, at this moment, look at a Child as a sex object. AND NO ONE SAID OTHERWISE.
        Kait, this perfect world, which is being destroyed by drugs, long hair, and The Beatles, has NEVER protected children in 7,000 years of man being on this earth.
        Furthermore, there has never been more than a small percentage of Good Parents on this earth.
        For that matter, the same could be said of people in general

      5. As much as I want to disagree with you I cannot. I say the same thing about the child abuse – here in NZ they say oh we have 18% of children abused – it’s more like 70 or 80% – people seem to forget that negligence, verbal, degradation, lack of acknowledgement and ignoring kids is all abuse as well – bullying – adults and kids do it. It’s just bizarre – the longer we bury our heads in the sand and pretend we know what’s going on the more our kids suffer. It is unacceptable…

      6. Bury Our heads? Yes and make excuses or make up total lies for answers, i.e…. There is no constant on this earth, all lies generated to act knowledgeable or to further pervert children.
        Especially homosexuality, it is an abomination, and even if Darwin’s Theory wasn’t such a joke, then it would prove also that nothing but a hedonistic, narcissistic perverted freak would live a lifestyle that not one species of the animal kingdom lives.
        There can NOT be a constant in gravity, due to the poles shifting, and the magnetic pull of earth and the other heavenly bodies.
        The speed of light is out and out a tainted theory, since photons come off the sun at different speeds, some at millions of miles per second.

      7. Wow! Please tell me how you really feel – lol 🙂 I have no problem with consenting adults but I draw the line at non-consent. Whether it’s a child, an animal, a handicapped individual or the elderly. If an adult does not consent to whatever is requested then it should be the end of the story. Intention is everything, it is behind every decision we make pretty much. Mens Rea – or intention is key to all.

    1. This is such a sad story, and obviously a sign of the times in which we now live.
      People are quick to throw stones at this man.
      The story does more than imply that the Law has been to this home before; it leaves me with the impression that this man ended up on the wrong end of justice on one or more of the visits.
      With the mindset of the Law in this time, the man is almost always charged with Domestic Violence, but statistics indicate that a good many men are a victim of “blind justice”, since women Abuse Children at about a 10% higher rate than men.

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