.jpg photo of Child Group Home
South Carolina laws hide child abuse inside group homes

However, RESPONSIBILITY can stop Child Abuse.

I came across a series of articles that caused me great distress. I was all prepared to post the first in the series when I realized it was much too long.

“foster children in South Carolina custody are neglected, drugged, beaten and molested in group homes and institutions where the state warehouses them for millions of dollars a year at taxpayer expense.”

I couldn’t let it go. This had to be told, retold, shared…. As I read what these Children were forced to endure, I couldn’t help but wonder how many aren’t with us today.


How do YOU ignore a Child’s cry for help….

“South Carolina keeps the abuse these children suffer secret by using state laws that shield group homes from almost any scrutiny.”

I believe what these Children say, because I know what two little boys endured.

HOWEVER, many of the explanations and excuses given by authoritative* figures in this series, are, at best, half-truths, or out-and-out BULL SHIT.

* Merriam-Webster Dictionary definition of “Authoritative”:

  • having or showing impressive knowledge about a subject
  • having the confident quality of someone who is respected or obeyed by other people

“When Jessica Freeman placed her daughter in Springbrook Behavioral Health last year, she had no idea the state had investigated the Greenville County home 95 times since 2000 for possible abuse and neglect….”

I am going to post this series, although each part, if too long, will be broken into smaller parts. While each part will be denoted as “Part I, Part II, Part III, etc…”, if too long, the reader will notice instead “Part Ia, Part Ib, etc…”.

I don’t expect you to “LIKE” all or even part of what you read, but you WILL be informed and “KNOW” what Our Children have endured for so very long, and are still being treated this way and enduring it; but at this moment quiet possibly one or more have taken all they can…. and won’t be with us tomorrow.

“Springbrook administrator Mike Rowley would not discuss any specific case, but said most allegations made against the facility are cleared by the Department of Social Services.”

By Lauren Sausser

Part I: How South Carolina laws hide child abuse inside group homes

Part II: Brother repeatedly rapes sister, blames DSS

Part III: Group homes pull in millions every year from taxpayers

Part IV: Eagle Harbor Ranch: A case study in confusion

Part V: Advocates doubt plan to pull children out of institutions will work

Part VI: Other states reduce dependence on group homes

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