The Reason Is, You Empower Me

I thought we were ready for this, yet with all the preparation, one HUGE part of my life has been overlooked, NOT IN MY WORLD!!!!
I have all but the bare minimum copied/backed-up, or both, and with a hidden, encrypted fail safe.
As I went over my notes for hopefully the next-to-last time, the words “fail safe” ‎took my breath away. If worst came to worst, and my computers were, for even a short time, unable to be used to take me to my job, here in the teaming mega-city of WordPress, I could post from my TOP OF THE LINE Z30.
I will know the outcome of the last preparation before I…. Oh, I neglected to tell you, I got Windows 10 early yesterday morning. Well, actually that isn’t true, I’ve had it for quiet some time, but not the version I go to work in everyday.‎ Here, I’ll let Gabe tell you, then we will see if this posts.

Hello Windows Insider,

We have begun rolling out the public release of Windows 10 to the world, starting with our valued Windows Insiders. This is a hugely significant milestone for Windows and, thanks to feedback from Insiders like you, we’re proud to say that this will be our best Windows release.

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Robert StrongBow
Co-Founder, Webmaster