And the winner is….

Today‎ was the BIG DAY when careful planning would win the day, and Windows 10 would be an after-thought.

I felt really good going into this, there‎ would be smiling, lilting laughter, and most certainly many hidden, suggestive looks, at the Victory Celebration tonight.

T‎his morning I was up early, at least before 10:30am.. what???? Seriously, you didn’t think I laid in bed until noon did you????

I had breakfast while browsing the Microsoft website (Preparation), then I took the HP Notebook for a last spin around the internet.

Finally the big moment arrived; 10 minutes later we were loading Windows 10.

Somewhere, along about‎ 45 minutes into this long-awaited headache, I slipped away to Nappy’s House. Don’t ask, maybe I’ll tell you of my GrandMother another time, she was the best GrandMother I could have had, she was Padouca, Comanche. She is the one that coined the phrase “Going to Nappy’s house”.

I awoke with a start, the last time I looked, it was 2 1/2 hours and counting. But this time it was my new assistant, telling me I was needed.
Long story short, a short ride to the store 8 blocks away has turned into a 3 hour shopping trip, loaded with suggestive looks and high hopes(unspoken of course) that an earthquake didn’t swallow my notebook, or maybe it was so heated up from all the downloading, that it exploded into flames…. then I thought of the long, black, stretch Limo, and almost made a break for the parking lot.

So anyway, I am within 8 blocks of the house finally….

But I got a few words before the joyous crowd gathers: you do what you want, EXCEPT for one small thing, DON’T EVEN THINK OF TAKING MY WINDOWS 10 POWERED, SPORTY HP NOTEBOOK‎ FOR A TEST DRIVE!!!!

I suppose you will know soon enough if PREPARATION WON THE DAY….

Sent from my BlackBerry 10.
Robert StrongBow
Co-Founder, Webmaster

2 thoughts on “Preparation”

    1. Thank You for your visit and your input is highly valued.
      The fact that you read this post is a testament to what is so much a part of you; you obviously care for others, especially Children, and you have family values. Simply put, I think you have a heart of Gold.
      Thank You for your visit, you are welcome any time, you will always be considered part of OUR CIRCLE.


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