Bikers Walking WV Child Abuse Victims To School

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Bikers Against Child Abuse

“Empowerment today meant them being able to walk and laugh and talk and smile on their way to school this morning,”

Bootsie said. 

Empowering Children

That’s the mission behind Bikers Against Child Abuse, or BACA, and the reason the Kanawha Valley chapter of roughly 10 motorcyclist is walking child abuse victims to school this week.

“To see them smile, to see them hold their head up, their chin up and look you in the eye because maybe they couldn’t do that before with others because they were afraid – it’s a blessing for us,” said BACA patch member “Bootsie.”

BACA members said thousands of children in West Virginia are abused physically and/or sexually. Some of those children are too scared to walk to class in fear the perpetrators will find and hurt them again, BACA members said.

Friday marked the second day the Kanawha Valley chapter walked two child abuse victims to Cabell County schools. 13 News is not releasing the names of those children or schools in order to protect their identities.

BACA also escorts children to court in child abuse cases. “Pipe,” president of the BACA Kanawha Valley chapter, said they will also go to parks with children or sleep on their front porches if they’re too scared to sleep at night – anything that helps the children feel safe.

“Empowerment today meant them being able to walk and laugh and talk and smile on their way to school this morning,” Bootsie said. “They’re the hero – they’re the strong one. We’re just the supporter.”

Each motorcyclist must go through a background check before becoming a part of BACA. Anyone who’d like to join the organization can find out more information at their monthly meetings, held on the second Sunday of each month at 2 p.m. at the Eleanor Fire Department.

BACA can be reached on their hotline at 304-760-9373 or via email at bacakv@gmail.coC

2 thoughts on “Bikers Walking WV Child Abuse Victims To School”

  1. Lately, I have been hearing a lot about BACA, especially because a group of their members rode through my town on their motorcycles the other day. I think that it is awesome that BACA helps child abuse victims to be happy and not be afraid, even going so far as to sleep on the children’s front porches so that they can feel safe. I love it when people step up and empower children! However, how do the people at the schools respond to these people showing up to the schools and escorting the kids there? I wonder whether or not the kids get any special attention for what they have been through after that happens.

    1. Faylinn, Thank You!!!! We highly value your input.
      Our Children need you desperately, and everyone else that truly cares.
      One thing you will get here is total honesty, so prepare yourself:
      I don’t imagine a whole lot of the people at public schools really care much for anyone sticking their nose in their business, and I can give you one statistic which will tell you all you need to know.
      For some odd reason Law Makers dropped the Statute of Limitations for Child Sexual abuse for The Clergy only.
      To date, only about 650 members of The Clergy have been judged and found guilty.
      At this same time, there have been over 30,000 employees of the public schools system found guilty.
      When Child Sexual assault is reported, it is unsubstantiated less than 2 % of the time
      With all these wild claims against Clergy, they are unsubstantiated over 65% of the time.
      All Statute of Limitations for Child Sexual Abuse needs to be dropped totally.

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