Pep rally held to root on Red Land

There is nothing better, or cleaner than school kid sports!!!!

The 2015 Little League World Series runs through Aug. 30 in South Williamsport, Pa. 

Red Land Lewisberry, PA  vs  Texas Pearland West

This is what  Parenting should be all about, and there  will be many, many opportunities for GOOD QUALITY TIME  for Family’s.  This goes through August 30, so that is 2 full days of chances to make MANY GOOD MEMORIES.

We want everyone in Pennsylvania to know that NOT IN MY WORLD!!!! in Dallas, Texas will make several posts Saturday and Sunday backing these 2 great teams.

Just so everyone knows:   Does anyone know where the largest Pencil in the world is????  Pennsyl-vania…. but the way these 2 Teams have played, both have to be swinging some big wood.

Source: Pep rally held to root on Red Land