NM Woman Arrested For Shaking Baby

.jpg photo of woman arrested for Shaking Baby
Ariadnys Armas-Camacho, 40

Woman seen shaking baby at ABQ day care arrested on child abuse charges

Albuquerque, NM  –  Police on Tuesday arrested the woman seen on surveillance video shaking an infant under her care at the Eastern Child Development Center in southeast Albuquerque.

Albuquerque police and the Children, Youth and Families Department (CYFD) confirmed Ariadnys Armas-Camacho, 40, was arrested and charged with felony child abuse Tuesday afternoon.

According to court records, Armas does not have a prior criminal record.

She was booked just before 5 p.m. at the Metropolitan Detention Center on child abuse without great bodily harm charges.  She is being held on a $5,000 cash/surety bond, meaning she’ll have to pay $500 to get out of jail.

The day care remains closed while CYFD investigators look into possible repeat offenses at the day care.

Henry Varela, the spokesman for CYFD, told KOB that parents and staff from the day care met with CYFD Secretary Monique Jacobson Tuesday to discuss the case and raise their concerns.

Varela said the discussion was a reaction to a protest Monday in which parents of children at the day care called to have a meeting with CYFD.

Varela said CYFD is continuing its investigation into the day care and did not say if any other workers are potentially involved.

He said the is currently no timetable for the day care to resume operations.

This is a developing news story; stay posted to KOB.com and KOB Eyewitness News 4 for the latest information.


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This is indeed a Blessing to us, and I want to say Thank You Jennifer for this nomination.   It is an Honor to introduce Jennifer, Blogger and the Motivator at “Motivation for today’s REALITY“.

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NOW is the time to spread the word of what is visited upon Our Children every minute of every day, known now as “Child Maltreatment”, but in all reality is Neglect,  Shaken Baby Syndrome, Heat Stroke in locked cars, Physical Abuse and Physical Abuse ending in traumatic death, Mental Abuse, Malnourishment, Incest and Child Sexual Abuse, Child Sexual Slavery, Sexual Abuse of and DEATH OF INFANTS, and the fact that at least 10,000,000 Children 13 years of age and up will contract an STI or an STD or even more than 1 this year.  But that does not count the ones from BIRTH TO 13 YEARS OF AGE that simply is probably listed  as an oversight by the DHHS and the DPS, since there is no formal list and tainted number!!!!

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The Beauty Of Our World

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Every Child deserves an equal chance to make this world a better place.

There is one thing that a Child cannot be taught, and that is LOVE.  You can teach a Child how to spell LOVE, but a Child learns LOVE by being LOVED.

LOVE, TRUST, and mutual Family RESPECT, are necessary components for meaningful communication between Parents and a Child.  QUALITY TIME is the bridge that opens the door to making GOOD Memories, which build and strengthen values in young Parents, as they teach the basics of these values with LOVE and UNDERSTANDING to their Children.

These values are the building blocks of tomorrows GOOD CITIZENS.

I want to share a GOOD MEMORY with you.  I only wish I had gotten the video, but  I have 4 screen shots.  A good Friend who lives in Oklahoma now, sent an almost unbelievable video to Frank.

We hope you enjoy the pictures…. which are Our Good Memory tonight.

NC Child Advocacy Center Planned

.jpg photo of Officials planning Advocacy Center
NC Child Advocacy Center Planned

Child Advocacy Center Planned To Assist Victims Of Abuse

ASHEVILLE, NC  –  More than a dozen officials came together Tuesday to commit to opening a Child Advocacy Center in Buncombe County. From law-enforcement to representatives from social services and Mission Health, the community pledged to join forces to better support victims of child abuse and prosecute more offenders.

The new, multi-sector approach will allow officials to collect competent and credible evidence, increase convictions and create more positive outcomes for children, said Todd Williams, Buncombe County District Attorney.

“In the DA’s office our focus is to prosecute abusers of children and if we can do that more efficiently and speed the recovery of children and reduce their trauma, that’s what we’re going to do,” he added.

Before the New Year, local nonprofit Child Abuse Prevention Services plans join staff at Mission Children’s Hospital Reuter Outpatient Center to form the Child Advocacy Center. The project, which is integrated into plans to open a Family Justice Center downtown, will quadruple Child Abuse Prevention Services budget to more than $1 million.

“It’s really us doing business very differently, and approaching how we deal with abuse and trauma in this county differently,” said Geoff Sidoli, the new executive director of Child Abuse Prevention Services.

“Being able to know each discipline more intimately, I think will make us each more able to do our jobs.”

The collaboration among groups will keep the focus on the child, while having better outcomes in the criminal justice system and improving the sharing of information, said Dr. Cynthia Brown, a specialist in pediatric child safety at Mission Children’s Hospital.

Young children tell stories differently than adults and it requires a certain expertise to gather information and reduce trauma, she said.

With different groups working together, interviewers at the Child Advocacy Center will be able to approach victims with a cross discipline perspective, limiting the number times a child has to respond to questioning and improving the quality of evidence collected.

“Child abuse is complicated and we always want to get it right,” said Brown.  “We will be working together in new and better ways and I’m so excited to be a part of this.”

CO Agencies Need Volunteers To Help CA Victims

.jpg photo of new Child Abuse initiative in Colorado
Fostering Hope aims to get more people in the community involved

Local agencies need community volunteers to help victims of Child Abuse

GRAND JUNCTION, CO  –  Mesa County Partners, The Department of Human Services, and Court Appointed Special Advocates are teaming up to create a new initiative.

Fostering Hope aims to get more people in the community involved in protecting our children and helping them recover from child abuse.

In 2014 the number of child welfare referrals was 3,393 – almost 1,000 more than the amount of child welfare referrals made in 2006.

“In our community these kids need a lot of help,” said Skip Hudson, who has been mentoring youth for years. “It’s amazing, the more I’m involved in this the more I realized how our youth is under served in so many ways. If nothing else just a compassionate ear and heart to hear about what they’re going through and how they’re experiencing it.”

There are over 80 children on the Mesa County Partner’s waiting list waiting for mentors just like Hudson.

“A lot of kids don’t necessarily have a positive role model in their life so just to have somebody that’s in their corner to do fun stuff or help them study or anything like that is just huge,” said Blake Ammon with Mesa County Partners.

According to the Department of Human Services there are 272 children needing foster care families and 35 kids needing adoption. Court Appointed Special Advocate’s Janet Rowland says these children rely on volunteers and the community’s help.

“If they don’t help I don’t know who will,” said Rowland. “It takes our community’s citizens.  Child abuse is a community problem and it takes a community solution to solve it.  It’s not just a government’s responsibility or solution, it’s all of us.”

Getting involved with CASA is one of the best decisions Laura Taylor says she has made.

“What you can give back to these kiddos that haven’t had what they deserve, it can be rewarding,” said Taylor.

To learn how to get involved with Fostering Hope, whether through fostering, mentoring, advocating, or adopting, , click on the link:  Fostering Hope