OK School Teacher, Husband Accused Of Child Abuse

.jpg photo of Teacher arrested for Child Abuse
Tamara Zeno

Oklahoma City, OK  –  An Oklahoma high school teacher and her husband have been arrested on complaints of child abuse.

Cyril High School teacher Tamara Zeno, 36, and her husband Tony Zeno, 36, were arrested after complaints of child abuse and child neglect.

Oklahoma City Police Department reports show an investigation began after Tony’s two sons returned to their mother’s home in Colorado after a staying at their father’s home from June 2 to August 1.  The boy’s mother noticed her 10-year-old son was much thinner.

The boys then told their mother they had suffered physical abuse while in the care of their father and his wife, Tamara.  The boy’s told police their father had choked them and Tamara had zip-tied them to a chair.  The boy was then reportedly forced to sleep through the night while zip-tied to the chair.

One of the boy’s reported he was made to swallow peroxide and soap. The boy’s also said they were hit by Tamara with a golf club.

The Cyril High School website lists Zeno has a high school English and speech and drama teacher.