Father Of Child Who Drowned In Bathtub Defends Mother

.jpg photo of father of drowned child
Miguel Contreras

The Arizona father of a 1-year-old who drowned in the bathtub has defended the girl’s mother after she was arrested on child abuse charges.

Brenda Ramirez, 21, was charged with two counts of felony child abuse after her baby daughter Melani was found drowned in their Phoenix home.

But her partner Miguel Contreras has defended Ramirez and insisted that she loved the couple’s two daughters.

“We all loved each other, we love each other, you know, we would never harm each other,” he told Fox 10 Phoenix News.

He also paid tribute to his baby daughter and added: “She was the most loving little girl in the world, her eyes will forever be in my memory.”

Baby Melani died Saturday morning, and newly released court documents reveal Ramirez initially told police her other 3-year-old daughter may have pushed her under water.

Ramirez said she left the children alone as she went to grab some pajamas. When she came back she saw the older child holding the younger child under the water in their apartment in Peoria.

Authorities were called and despite life-saving measures, Melani was declared dead at the hospital. The other child has since been taken into state custody.

Police say Ramirez has changed her story multiple times and also told police she felt “guilty” about what happened.

But Contreras described Ramirez as a good mother and added: “The things that are being said, obviously people are free to comment, but I just want them to know that she is the best person in the world.”

A Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office spokesperson said Tuesday that Ramirez had been released from jail on bond.

In a further twist, Ramirez also said the incident would never have happened if Contreras had not been arrested hours earlier, reported ABC 15 Arizona.

Contreras was arrested hours before his daughter’s death after he was spotted with two guns standing on a ladder trying to get into an apartment bedroom, documents state.

He was charged under suspicion of disorderly conduct.