FEMA No Show, Attempted Genocide By EPA In BP-Like Toxic Spill

Navajo Nation President releases statement regarding FEMA denying assistance for Gold King Mine Spill

Attempted Genocide by EPA and FEMA turns it’s back

Sunday the Navajo Nation Office of the President and Vice President released a statement to the public in regards to FEMA and the EPA’s refusal for assistance in cleaning up the toxic water in the San Jaun River.

“We are extremely frustrated with the news that both FEMA and the U.S. EPA have declined our urgent requests to continue assistance to the Navajo Nation. U.S. EPA caused this entire disaster, they have harmed the people, the water and the land. I appreciated the fact U.S. EPA took responsibility and I was hoping for the U.S. EPA to prove to the Navajo Nation they are willing to hold themselves accountable. This action clearly shows otherwise. For years, we have consistently been at the receiving end of toxic spills and contamination with no adequate relief as the United States Government and Private Companies became wealthy off of the natural resources of the Navajo Nation.”

“This is not the end but the beginning as I will continue to fight for my people.”

Begaye asked for aid from the Federal Emergency Management Agency in regards to the Environmental Protection Agency’s toxic spill in the Animas River.

On Sep. 1 the Navajo Nation requested FEMA send in a federal response coordinator. Friday the Navajo Nation’s request was denied.

The EPA issued a letter Friday that they would be removing water tanks that are critical for the Navajo Nation right now.

An EPA crew “ACCIDENTALLY” released 3 million gallons of orange waste water into the Animas River on Aug. 5 from a mine near Silverton Colorado.

The orange sludge made its way to New Mexico’s San Juan River causing the Navajo Nation to shut off water to residential and agricultural recipients.