Laws that would make Child Predators pay for the crimes they committed against Our Children are ignored and never enacted, or if by chance a Law d‎oes make it, it is watered down so far that it should be an insult to WE THE PEOPLE.

Law Makers have empowered CHILD PREDATORS to Sexually Abuse several generations of the same families.

Now with the Supreme Court’s out-of-bounds ruling AGAINST OUR CHILDREN, and with none of our Law Makers crying PERVERTED FOUL, there is no possible way to protect any Child now, as is a parent’s duty, just as there is no way for a Child to retain any innocence and hope for a normal life.

This administration has shown nothing but contempt for our laws. But in doing so they have taken away all freedoms from everyone except the mentally challenged deviates that practice what not one‎ breed of animal, fish, or fowl practices on Earth.

BUT, as if that wasn’t enough, now you poison. Our Children…. this is post #1 of #3

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Robert StrongBow
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