The Beauty Of Our World

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Every Child deserves an equal chance to make this world a better place.

There is one thing that a Child cannot be taught, and that is LOVE.  You can teach a Child how to spell LOVE, but a Child learns LOVE by being LOVED.

LOVE, TRUST, and mutual Family RESPECT, are necessary components for meaningful communication between Parents and a Child.  QUALITY TIME is the bridge that opens the door to making GOOD Memories, which build and strengthen values in young Parents, as they teach the basics of these values with LOVE and UNDERSTANDING to their Children.

These values are the building blocks of tomorrows GOOD CITIZENS.

I want to share a GOOD MEMORY with you.  I only wish I had gotten the video, but  I have 4 screen shots.  A good Friend who lives in Oklahoma now, sent an almost unbelievable video to Frank.

We hope you enjoy the pictures…. which are Our Good Memory tonight.