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Meet The Anonymous Vigilantes Taking Down Online Pedophiles

Founded less than a year ago, they’ve already brought down 37 men and have saved countless potential victims. They call themselves DARK JUSTICE and their ultimate goal is To make the online world a safer place for Children.

And they’re just getting started.

So far, thanks to their actions, 37 pedophiles were arrested, 7 of them already convicted and rest are on police bail/on remand awaiting court dates.  Also 6 of the 7 people were convicted on the evidence obtained by Dark Justice.

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Man Faces Two Charges Of Child Abuse

LAWTON, OK  –  A man faces two charges of child abuse Friday night for the beating of his girlfriend’s one-year-old daughter.

Investigators questioned Eddie Cano Monday after the child was brought to the hospital, unresponsive, with bruises all over her body, and a large knot on her forehead. Doctors discovered the child also had bleeding in her brain, and determined her injuries were consistent with child abuse, and that her chances of survival were extremely low. Cano later told police he had spanked the child with a sandal several times, on at least two occasions, and that he “blacked out” while it was happening.

Police also arrested the child’s mother, Joann Garza, after she admitted that Cano had beaten her child at least twice a week for the past three weeks, and left bruises each time. She was charged Friday with a felony count of enabling child abuse.

At last report, the child was in critical condition