Bike Ride To End Child Abuse

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Bikers Against Child Abuse

DAVENPORT, Iowa  –  Local bikers gathered Saturday to help put a stop to child abuse.

It was all part of the Bikers Against Child Abuse’s Iowa Fall Ride. Bikers gathered at Wiebler’s Harley Davidson in Davenport and rode 140 miles, ending their ride in Bettendorf.

Bikers Against Child Abuse works directly with children to prevent physical, sexual, and emotional abuse by giving kids a positive role model to confide in; a cause that the bikers in Saturday’s ride say is easy to get behind.

“I don’t think any child should live in fear. I have grandkids and I would never want them to live in fear, so it’s just, it’s a good cause,” said Larry “Bear” Armstrong, who rode in the Iowa Fall Ride.

10 thoughts on “Bike Ride To End Child Abuse”

    1. Kally, I agree totally.
      Enough can not be said or done to bring this under control.
      I believe that even the ones that care the most know that we will never see the day where Child Abuse is a thing of the past.
      But I also know that there will never come the day when we, the ones that care the most, accept even 1 case of Child Abuse as part of our day-to-day lives.
      Thank You for your input, it is highly valued!

    1. People have simply turned a blind eye toward Child Abuse for 7,000 years, and the number of years are still growing.
      BACA is a good group of guys, and there are several Organizations out there that go beyond the TV cameras; it’s the one’s that are 24/7, week-in and week-out, that make our list of FRIENDS whom we support 24/7, and they are listed on the bottom left, and on the right side bar, on almost all the pages of Our Website.
      Thank You, we value your input!!!!

    1. Nena, Thank You so much for your input!!!!
      I will gladly list all I see.
      I want you to know that you are quiet a Chef and writer, I enjoy your Blog.

      1. Yes Nena, NOT IN MY WORLD!!!! started on G+ August 19, 2014.
        ~ Indifference will never stop Child Abuse ~
        Thank You for caring!!!!

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