Another Indictment Against Our Justice System

.jpg photo of Child Predator
Child Predator Jerry Sandusky

This is a sad day in the history of Our Country.

Day after day so many innocent people are being railroaded on circumstantial evidence alone.

At the same time KNOWN PEDOPHILES never pay for their crimes against Our Society.

Due to the two(2) forms of justice in Our Country, Rich Justice and Poor Justice, KNOWN PEDOPHILES like Dennis Hastert are given bond amounts like $4,500, while the have-nots are given bond amounts like $50,000.

Equal justice would see the have-nots paying bond amounts like $50,000, while the above justice crowd would pay amounts closer to $5,000,000.  Then the jury would be representative of the true America, based on the percentage of rich, poor, and race.

For Jerry Sandusky to be considered for appeal, first, every other person who has an appeal already granted, theirs should be cleared first.  While every person waiting on appeal should wait at the very same place, IN GENERAL POPULATION.