Rep. Miller Investigating Release Of Aaron Fisher

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Aaron Fisher

Aaron Michael Fisher is an accused child rapist who confessed to this crime and Judge Patricia Joyce of Cole County let him free Friday.

Rep. Rocky Miller, Camden and Miller counties.  Aaron Michael Fisher is an accused child rapist who confessed to this crime and Judge Patricia Joyce of Cole County let him free Friday.

Aaron Fisher allegedly admitted on video to sodomizing his 5 month old child and due to too many delays, many caused by his legal counsel, Judge Joyce made the decision to release him back into society without the benefit of a trial.

“This appears to be the height of incompetency for a Circuit Court Judge in Missouri and I will be reviewing her performance to verify that it has risen to the level of impeachment,” Rep. Miller said.

The Missouri Constitution places the duty of impeachment of Judges in the hands of the House of Representatives with a trial before the Missouri Supreme Court after Articles of Impeachment are approved.

A World Against Innocence: AARON FISHER RELEASED

.jpg photo of Child Predator
Aaron Fisher

Aaron Michael Fisher admitted sodomizing his 5-month-old Daughter in 2009

ELDON, MO  –  The Miller County man who admitted to raping his five-month-old daughter was released from jail this week after his trial was dismissed.  After making a one-day stop in Eldon, he may have left the Lake of the Ozarks community.

Aaron Fisher’s case had dragged on for six years, after delays caused by both the prosecution and the defense; Cole County Judge Patricia Joyce sided with the defense on Oct. 23, 2015, saying Fisher’s constitutional right to a speedy trial had been violated.

He was freed from jail on Monday, Oct. 26 and the case was dismissed.

On Monday evening, Fisher reportedly showed up at a local church in Eldon, asking for help.  A church member or clergy checked him in to a local motel, according to a motel employee.  Fisher was calm, telling the receptionist he had just been released from jail, stating he was incarcerated for destruction of property, and was surprised by his release.

Miller County Prosecutor Ben Winfrey is preparing to appeal Joyce’s decision to the Western District Appellate Court-Kansas City.


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Wyatt Earp & Doc Holliday

My Heroes Have Always Been Cowboys

Wyatt Earp has been a heroe of mine since I was a kid

Our Peace Officers, Our Veterans, and Active Service Members are my Heroes

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The National Center For Missing & Exploited Children

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JSO Officer Arrested For Child Abuse

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Officer Erica Nicole McRae, 37, Arrested For Child Abuse.

JACKSONVILLE, FL  –  An officer with the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office has been arrested and charged with felony child abuse, Undersheriff Pat Ivey announced Tuesday.

Officer Erica Nicole McRae, 37, a 12-year veteran with the sheriff’s office, is accused of disciplining her son by beating him with a plastic clothes hanger.

“The child was supposedly disciplined for misbehaving at school, and allegedly (McRae) struck the child multiple times with a clothes hanger to the point that the plastic clothes hanger broke,” Ivey said. “(McRae) allegedly grabbed a second clothes hanger and continued to discipline the child.”

Police said the child reported being beaten on Oct. 12 and then again the morning of Oct. 13.  He went to school that day and reported the beating to a school administrator, who called the Department of Children and Families, police said.

DCF contacted JSO and the child was interviewed and medically examined on Oct. 14.

Ivey said there were several injuries on the boy’s arms and legs. He said the bruises were consistent with a thin, curved object, like a hanger.

Opinions were split on social media Tuesday about whether the punishment went too far, but a child psychologist said physical punishment on a child is never justifiable.

“The problem with (physical) punishment is it does change the behavior when the parent is around, but as soon as the parent disappears, the child will carry out that same behavior when the parent isn’t around,” parenting psychologist Dr. Justin D’Arienzo said.

He said most psychologists and pediatricians would not recommend corporal punishment or spanking, even though 66 percent of Americans believe it is effective.  D’Arienzo said corporal punishment does more damage than good.

“There’s research that shows kids may have mental health problems or be more aggressive and also fear their parents, if the parents use those means,” D’Arienzo said.

He said not all children have lasting impacts from corporal punishment but said it can increase the risk for problems.

For a felony arrest, officers are given the option of resigning or going on leave. McRae has elected to go on leave without pay.

DCF said it is still investigating the case and that there are no other cases involving McRae.

The child is now living with another relative.