AMERICA – Home Of The Free And The Brave

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AMERICA, Home Of The Free And The Brave

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

We hope everyone has had a very Happy Thanksgiving.

I have heard and read all kinds of negativity concerning Thanksgiving for the past several days, and I have one thing to say:  A WHOLE LOT OF PEOPLE SEEM TO FORGET THAT THEIR FOREFATHERS FOUGHT FOR THIS COUNTRY IN ONE WAR OR THE OTHER.

Besides all of that, I have yet to find a perfect race of people.

Every race has good folks, down-on-their-luck folks, and the dregs of society.

I want to say THANK YOU to Our Veterans, Active Service Members, Law Enforcement, Fire Fighters. and other public servants, for all you do.

8 thoughts on “AMERICA – Home Of The Free And The Brave”

    1. Kally, it is a joy to see you, or I most probably should have said it is a joy to see your words, although I like the former statement.
      We had a very good time, and all is well. To be totally honest, there are certain members of the family that would say that I have picked up my bad habit of being a work-a-holic again.
      No matter what I did, the new blog was a constant thorn in my side.
      Finally I scrapped the second theme, then selected the one that I KNEW offered exactly what I desired. I worked on and off through Thanksgiving with my demanding #1 fan, but she knows best, and she is an empath.
      How is your family Kally? How do they deal with their work-a-holic Daughter? haha
      It’s very easy to recognize a highly driven person when you are one.
      I get all your posts on my BlackBerry and you keep me quiet busy, oh you know I’m kidding, but I do get your posts on my phone.
      Yes I am in a very good mood, music is the best medicine, and my shadow knows just when I should sing to her.
      Have a really good evening Kally, your message was a very special Blessing today,

      1. I haven’t been back with my folks for awhile. We don’t really celebrate Thanksgiving in Asia. I can tell you are enjoying your holiday and probably spending a good time with your family. I sense warmth and laughter in your home!

      2. Kally, today is no different than any other day, I celebrate life and what I have been given every day. Perhaps you missed my point which was embedded deep within my words. It’s not only about My Country except for me, it should be about each individual and their Country.
        I believe in Love, Truth, Honor, Respect, Duty, and RESPONSIBILITY for one’s own actions.
        But above all, we are social animals and should therefore do more than just fit in, we should each do our very best at doing our part for where we live.
        Thank You Kally, I so enjoy talking with you,

    1. GP Cox, aka The Pacific Paratrooper. aka One Of My Many HEROES!!!!
      Mr Cox, THANK YOU!!!! for your selfless giving in putting yourself in harm’s way to protect us and Our Great America The Beautiful.
      I am unsure if you are aware of the fact that several years back, I moved to Google and was taken in by a group of Veterans. I have been an activist for Veterans my whole life, due to the fact that My Father was in Burma, My Step-Father was Army Secret Service during Korea and served in Vietnam, My Youngest Son finished 3 tours with The Army last year, and so many more of my folks and My Friends.
      Through the Friends that are like family now, we formed Our Circle, and the dream of me and my Brother became reality, NOT IN MY WORLD!!!! started on Google+ on August 19, 2014.
      Now we have, and support pages on Google, Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn.
      The middle of November 2015, we opened My Brother’s Keeper, our blog,
      GP Cox, Pacific Paratrooper, YOU are now a big part of Our Circle.
      I highly value and appreciate your input, Thank You again,

      1. I do not wish to mislead you, it was my father who was the paratrooper. And I am very lucky to be have been a part of Sheri deGrom’s veteran program in Arkansas; one which is spreading from one VA hospital to another. Smitty didn’t say NO to me very often, but he did when I told him I wanted to sign up. My uncle was a career Marine, My son was killed in ’92 while in the Marines and my cousin was Navy during Korea. We have a lot in common!!

      2. GP Cox, it is good to hear from you again, and I must agree with you, we have a whole lot in common, including our ages.
        I stopped by your blog, and I like it, so we will have plenty of time to talk!
        I hope you had a great weekend GP,

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