Bianca Who Did This To You?

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Bianca who did this to you?

Movie Tackles Topic Of Child Abuse

Randy Holloway hopes audiences leave “Bianca: Who Did This To You?” ready for the next step.

“The one thing I really want the movie to do is help start the conversation, because these issues never get talked about,” says the Detroit-based director-writer-producer of the drama about the abuse of girls and women.  It screens at 7:30 p.m. Saturday at the AMC Star Southfield.

“Bianca: Who Did This To You?” follows the journey of one woman who is molested as a child by members of her church, physically and mentally abused by her parents and forced to leave home to start a new life.  Getting married seems to promise a fresh chapter, but then something happens that could take her back to the pain she thought she had escaped.

The movie was shot in February 2014 with a local cast and crew. Michigan State University graduate and model Qiana M. Davis plays the grown-up Bianca.  Other actors include Shawntay Dalon, who’ll appear on the Comedy Central series “Detroiters,” and Robert Shannon, who’s had roles in Detroit-filmed projects like AMC’s “Low Winter Sun.”

Also featured in the film are original songs by “American Idol” season 13 top 10 finalist Malaya Watson of Southfield, who’ll be at the event and give a live performance.

A portion of the proceeds will go to SASHA Center.  Its mission includes increasing awareness of sexual assault, providing resources and public education, and offering peer support groups to survivors of rape in southeast Michigan.

Holloway says he hopes “Bianca” will help others who’ve endured abuse and that he already struck a chord when he created a Facebook page about the movie.

“I got so many messages thanking me and saying,’This is my story.  I am Bianca.’ “

‘Bianca: Who Did This To You?’
7:30 p.m. Sat.

AMC Star Southfield

$25 for screening, $35 for VIP ticket (includes reception with food, drink, a meet-and-greet with cast and crew)

Tickets can be purchased at

Bianca Who Did This to You?  Trailer #1

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    1. Yes it is Claire, and the fact that this Lady stood up for what is right and told her story is, to me, like a lighthouse in the storm.
      It is a sad thing for victims all over the world, that so many that have been used and abused agree to remain quiet for 30 pieces of silver.
      This is a betrayal of all the other victims in this world.

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