Together We Can Prevent Child Abuse

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Together We Can Prevent Child Abuse

Rachelle Modena: Working together we can prevent Child Abuse

Shasta County, CA  –  Mandated reporters of suspected child abuse are individuals who typically have frequent contact with children in the course of their professional lives.  The recent horror of two dead, young children stuffed into plastic containers and left in a storage unit, along with a sibling found locked in a car in near freezing temperatures, suffering such severe injuries that her first responders were traumatized, leaves me to ponder the question:

Shouldn’t we all be mandated reporters?

These kinds of tragedies often have warning signs.  Someone is concerned or has a suspicion, but for some reason they don’t report it.  Maybe they don’t know how or maybe they don’t know what suspected child abuse looks like.

We should all be concerned for the well-being of the children in our lives.

Do you know the children who live on your street?  Haven’t seen them out playing recently?  Are you worried about the toddler next door, sometimes unattended in the yard?  Are you concerned that your sister seems to yell at her children a lot?  Reach out, check in, offer your support.  Protecting children is all of our responsibility, whether you deliver bread, sweep streets or work in a day care.

It’s our responsibility at work, in our neighborhoods, in our parks, at stores, and on the street.

Not every situation is a suspected child abuse report, but we, as a community who cares about our children, can and should reach out to parents in our lives.  We should offer our support and encouragement to our neighbors, friends and family before child abuse happens.

Parenting is joyous and fun, but also can be stressful and frustrating. You can make a difference in the life of a child.  Be brave, be a hero. Join us in preventing child abuse.

To learn more about supporting child abuse prevention efforts in Shasta County or to take a free mandated child abuse reporter training, contact the Shasta County Child Abuse Prevention Coordinating Council at 241-5816 or visit

With your help, we can prevent child abuse.

Rachelle Modena is the executive director of Shasta CAPCC

5 thoughts on “Together We Can Prevent Child Abuse”

  1. I heard in a recent domestic violence seminar that laws are changing so that everyone is a mandatory reporter for child sexual abuse and that even family members that stand by and do nothing when they know that it is happening can and will be prosecuted. Families can no longer just stand by and pretend it is not happening.

    1. Secretangel, you probably should sit down before I enlighten you.
      Family is the source of a major percentage of sexual abuse, always has been and always will be.
      Many people believe that men are some sorry dogs for doing this. While I chose not to discuss this sort of thing, I will say only one time that what a man does is different, although more and more women do it.
      However, as far as the definition of Child Sexual Abuse, I believe the numbers have never been far apart as far as male or female.
      A lot of people also do not realize that there are many races that see nothing wrong with certain types of “incest”, more than one of these is right here in America.
      Then, when you consider “gifted people”, especially where it is common generation after generation, this is how they “magnify the gift(s)”.
      One important stat that CPS can’t taint although the actual numbers has been tainted in certain things, but bear one very important stat in mind:
      Women Abuse Children at over 10% higher rate than men.
      It is wrong to abuse any person, no matter what age, Domestic Violence needs addressing by MEN and WOMEN, and a real strong dose of Responsibility for one’s own actions and Truth and Honesty is needed badly.
      If not, we are going to lose another generation of Children.

      1. Amen! I agree with you. I am not sure about the stats but women do abuse children as much as men. I truly believe that the numbers are so high that only God knows the exact number of victims. He knows each one of them and I pray for His protection and blessings upon each one. The cycle of abuse has to be broken and we can only do this through awareness… and prayer. We can no longer remain silent.

      2. Yes exactly, we have to stop this violence, it quickly destroys relationships, and seriously affects children.
        WE WILL OVERCOME!!!!

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