Who Will Give For The Children

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Ark of Hope for Children

Who Will Help The Children?

We are Our Circle, an ever-growing group of like-minded people who believe Children are Priceless, and deserve to be Loved, Safe, have a good, regular, complete Diet, while as they grow, be taught Honor, Trust, Respect while being Respected, Responsibility, and Duty to self, family, friends, community, state, country, and Our GOD.

We are Our Circle, and we are NOT IN MY WORLD!!!!.  We are not affiliated with any organization, we are here for Parents, Families, and the Public, as an information center to inform all of what is happening to our Children all over the world, and what is so wrong and so badly needed in this world, for all the Children to have an equal chance to grow up and make a difference in this world.  The Children are the Future of this world.

Our Friends, Ark of Hope for Children are one of only a very few organizations that truly help Children that were victims of Child Abuse or Child Sex Slavery, and they continue to help each Child as needed for as long as it takes.  We sincerely hope each of you will open your heart and give to help the Children, who so desperately need it and deserve it.

Ark of Hope for Children

Ark of Hope for Children empowers advocates and donors to bring care and awareness to those victimized as children by human trafficking, Child Abuse, and Bullying.  Ark of Hope is a human rights umbrella organization using a trauma informed approach to serve survivors through our various programs.

This approach acknowledges that traumatized people often respond to daily life quite differently even years after their traumatic experiences ended.  If we can address their trauma, we can change lives.  Unconditional Love, Understanding, and Mentoring Support can empower victims to mold the challenges of their past into hope filled futures as thriving survivors.