Blogging Awards Make People Feel Good

.jpg photo of Blogger AwardThe Sunshine Blogger Award

This Award came as a BIG surprise, although they all did.

As I was thinking about it, and what it meant to me personally, I couldn’t help but think about the feelings I experienced.  But as much as I hate to say this, those feelings are mine and only privy to only a few others.

I want to say THANK YOU JENNIFER!!!! for nominating us for this award.  Jennifer is very special to me, and I don’t mind saying she is my Motivator.  I suggest that if someone has not been by her place of blogging, stop by, you will enjoy the visit.

The rules are:

  • Thank the person who nominated you
  • Answer the 11 questions from your nominator
  • Nominate 11 bloggers and give them 11 questions to answer

My 11 Questions:

1. What is your favorite color?

2. What is your favorite part of blogging?
Being the Maestro

3. Have you set goals for 2016 and what are your top 3?
Only one, on August 19, 2015, Our Anniversary, We set a goal of 6,000 Followers for Our 2nd Anniversary.

4. What would be your dream career?
I don’t have a dream career, however I would like to be a part of the group of people who brought about a significant change in Child Abuse laws.

5. What are your 3 top (positive) traits about yourself?
I am a Gentleman, Honest, and I Care.

6. If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go?
Great Barrier Reef

7. What language do you wish you could speak?

8. Do you think money equals happiness?
No, but it is necessary to pay bills and support a family, but also to give the one’s you love a certain quality of life.

9. Do you believe everyone has a soulmate?

10. If you could be ANY type of doctor, what kind of doctor would you be?

11. What is something people don’t know about you?
I was part of the Team that worked the bugs out of Dragon software.

My 11 Nominations for The Sunshine Blogger Award are:

Questions for my nominees:

1. Why do you blog?
2. What is the purpose of your blog?
3. If you started another blog what would it be about?
4. What is your level of education, just a general answer please.
5. Do you like animals?
6. Tea or soda?
7. Swimming or Ice skiing?
8. If you could work with one person of your choice, who would it be?
9. How much do you read?
10. Do you believe in love at first sight?
11. What is you worst habit?

26 thoughts on “Blogging Awards Make People Feel Good”

    1. Irene, this award made me happy and proud, but all I could really think about is that this would give Our site more looks and recognition, therefore more people with like-values will raise their voices with Ours at what is so wrong in this world.
      Thank You Irene,

      1. Robert, I have an offer for you. If you would like to write a guest post to get more followers and more support, you can write a post and have it blogged at my blog. Just tell me.

      2. Irene you are an amazing person with a heart of Gold. After starting Our blog, MY BROTHER’S KEEPER at I am stretched very thin, although I hesitate to do so on your blog because I am very outspoken and opinionated, and at times certain people like to keep their heads in the sand and quietly UNFOLLOW me, while probably talking behind my back saying I am lying or uninformed. The truth is I just lost 3 off Twitter, and if you look at my Tweet, I can do no other than continue to tell it like it is.
        Peoples ignorance works against the Children of this world. But you hold that thought and think about that then we will talk later.
        I appreciate you Irene,

  1. Congratulations!! PRAY for our Judeo-Christian Nation United States of America and Israel-Yisrael Everyday!! “PRAY WITHOUT CEASING.” ( 1 Thessalonians 5:17 KJV )!!

    Love <3 Always and Shalom,

    Kristi Ann

  2. Thank you my sweet Robert. Congratulations on your award. You do me great nominating me. I am positive about awards and see them as a good sign of encouragement. What may not please you is I am not good at doing the things that the awards demand; and so many people who nominate me end up not being satisfied. I wish I could do better. Once again thank you for all your love. May your light keep n shining!

    1. You are welcome Mr Romanus, My Dear Friend.
      I can only say one thing if someone is not satisfied with the way another goes about their business, it would seem as if possibly they have time to find fault for one reason, and that is that they feel that they can hide their faults by pointing out someone else’s life and attempting to tear it down or find fault.
      AND May your light keep on shining also,

      1. Mr. Romanus, My Friend, You are very welcome!!!!
        I hope you don’t mind, but I have sent a young Man your way, a Mr. Pintowski, I had the feeling that he should know the Man I look up to.
        As always I send all Good Things Your way,

  3. Great answers 😉 “Being the Maestro” is the best and The a Great Barrier Reef is something I’d love to see, too. Congratulations and thank you for the nomination!

    1. You are welcome Nena, and I want to Thank You for being You, for having one’s like you around me, that are so passionate in their caring for others, empower me to be more, and do more.
      You deserved the nomination,

      1. My heart and soul are warmed by your comment 🙂 May you continue to receive many blessings for the love and compassion you so freely share:)

    1. All the many times your words healed the wounds inflicted by the words of others….
      All the many times your words replaced the blues deep within my heart….
      Put your feet up, relax, and smile, for all the times you have brought a smile to my sad face.

  4. This is an old one for you, but congratulations nonetheless! I don’t know how long you have had this blog, but I wish you had this great resource before I retired, when I was still running a school for children with severe emotional disabilities, most of whom came from dysfunctional situations.This blog is invaluable!
    All the best,

    1. Dolly, Thank You so much, I am Robert StrongBow, Co-Founder and Webmaster.
      We opened the NOT IN MY WORLD!!!! page on Google, August 19, 2014, as a present to Google for all the users.
      No one of us ever expected many people, but then the end of September 2014 I bought, and on October 17, 2014 I made the first post. I didn’t tell anyone for a while, but I wanted another TLD, and I received notice that was coming available, if I wanted to bid for it.
      On November 17, 2015 I made my first post on Our Blog, “My Brother’s Keeper”.
      We started very slow, and then about every 2 or 3 months we would lose 20 to 40 people due to the fact that I have never run the same stats as the other sites on Child Advocacy, for several reasons maybe I will tell you about one day, but mainly because I knew my subjects well to start with.
      Then one of my security people found a Planned Parenthood Video that no one liked except people that do not believe in murder, then one night it came to me what was really going on, so the next day I posted that by my figures PPH was making $1,000,000 to $10,000,000 a day off of illegal fetal tissue for highly illegal research, and for illegal murdered baby organs for very highly illegal transplants. Every body thought I had went over the edge, but apparently the state of Texas believes it, because the first of 2017 they hurried a law into effect, forcing all remains be buried with honor or cremated and then buried.
      Dolly, I thought about quitting a couple of times, but this is my Stewardship.
      I want you to know that last night I visited your Blog, and I liked it.
      Thank You so much for your kind, caring words, and for caring so much for Our Children.
      May GOD Bless you and your work.

      1. Robert, thank you so much for your detailed response. I can see that you have gone through a lot of challenges, and I think everyone who is a children’s advocate is bound to confront difficulties. I know I had my share. I am now retired, but I still teach college part time and consult on private basis occasionally. Your website is a great resource, and I can only applaud you for undertaking and maintaining this endeavor. Both awareness and advocacy are sorely needed!
        Thank you for your kind words about my blog.
        Many blessings,

      2. Ma’am, Ms Dolly, You are so very welcome. Few people know that 10 years ago a Child disappeared, and after a preliminary search, no one else would bother, due to what was involved. We went, although each lead proved fruitless; however I met a Lady that made a very powerful, deep, impression upon me, and she is always in my prayers.
        Sister Helen Ryan was with St. Mary’s, Handsworth, and an authority on Trafficking Victims, but Helen told me all I needed to know about stats.
        We have been Blessed from the start, as far as open doors and resources. Due to the “Like-Values” shared by Our Circle, a good many resources just happened to show up in emails.
        But due to my nature, preparation leads to high marks or a win instead of a loss, I went directly to the DOJ, NCMEC, CDC, etc… for the best resources, if it has to do with Child Maltreatment between 2010 until now, it is possible that I have it, so anything you read in my posts and want proof, or just wonder where I got the info, just ask, It is indeed an Honor and a very Humbling part of my life to have been allowed to cross paths with One with a big solid gold Caring Heart as yourself, in Our pathways through this life.
        There is one more thing Ms.Dolly, that Child was a part of my distant family.
        Robert Blackhorn StrongBow

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