Virginia Daycare Worker Found Guilty

.jpg photo of Daycare worker found guilty
Sarah Jordan

Former Virginia Daycare Worker Found Guilty Of Child Abuse

MANASSAS, Virginia  –  A former Virginia day care worker was found guilty Wednesday of multiple charges of child abuse after she mistreated toddlers in ways including spraying water at scared children and encouraging them to fight.

Sarah Jordan was convicted of seven felony charges and six misdemeanour charges after prosecutors say she abused and neglected toddlers in her care at the Minnieland Academy Day Care Center in Woodbridge, Va.

The series of abuses, which happened over an eight-month period in 2013, traumatized what were mostly one and two-year-old children.

Parents spoke to after the verdict were overcome with tears of joy. Blake Buckner had a son that was placed under Jordan’s car and said he was forced to fight in what prosecutors described as a “baby fight club.”

“The teacher was making him the class bully made to fight.  It was hard to hold back tears, emotional, it was very deep,” Buckner said.

Social Services reported Jordan, along with then-fellow employee Kierra Spriggs, tortured kids who were afraid of water by spraying a hose in their faces on full blast, fed the children flaming hot Cheetos and called one girl ugly, among other incidents.

According to state documents, Jordan and Spriggs physically and emotionally abused the children for entertainment.

“It pissed me off.  She knows what she did.  Justice has prevailed,” Buckner said.

Jordan faced a total of 39 charges of abuse, including felony charges. She was denied bond after the verdict.

Jordan faces a maximum of 41 years in prison when she is sentenced in May.

Spriggs is accused of similar mistreatment.  She is a scheduled 3-week jury trial in February.

At least 8 parents have hired attorney James McCoart III and are considering a civil lawsuit against Minnieland.  After Wednesday’s verdict, McCoart issued the following statement:

“Not only were the actions and behavior of this Minnieland employee cruel and traumatizing it was outrageous criminal behavior on our communities most vulnerable and innocent. To hear sworn testimony by three employees of Minnieland that each on separate occasions reported this abuse to the Minnieland supervisor or director and then, and only then it was an anonymous phone call to child protective services that started this criminal investigation is incomprehensible, we will never know how much abuse and trauma could have been spared these children had Minnieland reacted to employees concern.”