Heavily Redacted Incident Report????

.jpg photo implying Child Abuse at public school
Child Abuse Investigation at Leon Co. Public School

LCSO: Child Abuse Investigation at
Sabal Palm Elementary

Leon County, Florida  –  Leon County Schools confirms an instructional aide has been put on leave in the wake of an abuse complaint.

LCS Spokesman Chris Petley says the aide works at Sabal Palm Elementary.

Neither the school system nor the sheriff’s office will provide any details about the allegations.

“We received a complaint from DCF about an instructional aide at Sabal Palm Elementary,” Petley said.  “We have then initiated an internal investigation, the instructional aide has been placed on administrative leave during the investigation and we will report back to the community with our findings.”

A heavily redacted incident report shows LCSO is investigating a child abuse complaint of “physical or mental injury.” 

Our Children Are The Future

.jpg photo of NM Legislature
New Mexico Law Makers propose better laws to protect Children

Proposals Will Tighten Child Abuse,
Porn Laws

Albuquerque, NM  –  Our children are the future of New Mexico. They are our most precious resource, but they need our care and protection.

Lately, we have seen heartbreaking reports of children suffering horrifying acts of abuse, sometimes at the hands of their own teachers, caregivers and family members.  Many of these cases could have been prevented were it not for New Mexico’s weak child abuse laws.

We must fix these flaws to protect New Mexico’s children.

During this upcoming legislative session, House Republicans are proposing a number of measures to strengthen the laws that hold child abusers and predators accountable for their crimes against children.

Once again, we are sponsoring legislation to close New Mexico’s child pornography loophole.

In New Mexico, a person can possess thousands of images and videos of children, often as young infants and toddlers, being sexually abused and the offender can be charged with only one count and sentenced to as little as 18 months.

It is an embarrassment and tragedy that this loophole exists, as it creates an environment that makes our children vulnerable to the most depraved of child predators.

New Mexico cannot continue to be seen as an appealing base of operations for child pornography manufacturers and distributors, and a safe harbor for collectors of these horrific images.

The bill we have introduced has bipartisan support. It has been endorsed by Attorney General Hector Balderas and is co-sponsored by Rep. Javier Martinez, both Democrats.

There is no excuse for not closing New Mexico’s child pornography loophole during the upcoming session.

We have also proposed legislation to make distribution of pornographic images to children a fourth-degree felony.

Child predators will often use pornographic images to solicit children.  Under New Mexico’s current law, it is a felony only if these predators send images of their own bodies.

Our bill eliminates the gray area surrounding this act and makes it a clear felony offense.

Additionally, we are working on measures to enhance penalties for individuals who intentionally abuse a child.

One of the bills we have proposed would expand the number of children covered under Baby Brianna’s Law to include all children under the age of 18.

Baby Brianna’s Law is named for Brianna Lopez, an infant who was killed by members of her family in 2002.  Currently, Baby Brianna’s Law imposes a life sentence on anyone who abuses a child resulting in the child’s death, but only if the child is under the age of 12.

This bill would make sure all minor children are protected.

Another bill we have introduced increases the penalty for the first offense of intentional child abuse from a third-degree felony to a second-degree felony.

Also, the penalty for subsequent offenses would be increased from a second-degree felony to a first-degree felony.

These proposals are similar to legislation that was passed by the House of Representatives during the last legislative session, but later died in the Senate.

We believe these initiatives are too important not to pursue, so we will continue our efforts to see them passed and enacted.

“It shouldn’t hurt to be a child.”  We have heard this child abuse awareness message for years.  As legislators, we work every year to improve our educational system and our social service network to ensure that our children have every opportunity to succeed.

However, we must first safeguard the health and happiness of children so they can grow and flourish to adulthood.

We believe the legislation we have proposed is crucial to hold child abusers accountable and prevent additional tragedies in the future.

Lifelong Journey After Severe Child Abuse

>jpg photo relating to Child Abuse
Lifelong journey after severe Child Abuse

Child Abuse victims find help and hope with counseling

MESA, AZ  –  The gruesome details of a 3-year-old being duct taped and locked up in a closet while her mother’s friend offered her up for sex are difficult to comprehend.

The questions that now come to mind are “What is next for this 3-year-old?” and “How will she get through this?”  For those who work in child crisis and intervention teams throughout the Valley, there is a key word that resonates — healing.

“For a child who has endured severe trauma, it is a life long journey of healing most often,” says Maureen Basenberg, director at Childhelp’s Children Center.  The center serves as not only the initial intake agency for interviewing and assessing the children, but it also serves as a therapy and mental health center for 120 children every month.

“That’s why it is important that this little girl was found and that it can be explained that she did nothing wrong; that she is a whole capable little girl just like any other 3-year-old would,” adds Basenberg.

The center is also house to a Phoenix Police officer who is assigned to child abuse cases.  During our interview on Tuesday, Basenberg explained that therapy and mental health are the key to getting anyone who has had a traumatic experience to heal and overcome the pain.  She explained that in many cases, the parent’s of the children who are abused were victimized themselves in the past.

“I think we often think that a person who is sexually abused will become a perpetrator.  It is more likely that the person who is abused is not capable of protecting their own kids when that time comes, and that is how the cycle repeats itself,” she adds.

Getting rid of the cycle is a problem for all.  Basenberg says it is crucial for you, as a total stranger, to call police or the national hotline for Childhelp at 1-800-4-A-CHILD (1-800-422-4453)

“I think walking away is the worst thing we can do.  We all bear the responsibility that our children are safe.  When we walk away, we put the responsibility on the child.”

Virginia Daycare Worker Found Guilty

.jpg photo of Daycare worker found guilty
Sarah Jordan

Former Virginia Daycare Worker Found Guilty Of Child Abuse

MANASSAS, Virginia  –  A former Virginia day care worker was found guilty Wednesday of multiple charges of child abuse after she mistreated toddlers in ways including spraying water at scared children and encouraging them to fight.

Sarah Jordan was convicted of seven felony charges and six misdemeanour charges after prosecutors say she abused and neglected toddlers in her care at the Minnieland Academy Day Care Center in Woodbridge, Va.

The series of abuses, which happened over an eight-month period in 2013, traumatized what were mostly one and two-year-old children.

Parents spoke to after the verdict were overcome with tears of joy. Blake Buckner had a son that was placed under Jordan’s car and said he was forced to fight in what prosecutors described as a “baby fight club.”

“The teacher was making him the class bully made to fight.  It was hard to hold back tears, emotional, it was very deep,” Buckner said.

Social Services reported Jordan, along with then-fellow employee Kierra Spriggs, tortured kids who were afraid of water by spraying a hose in their faces on full blast, fed the children flaming hot Cheetos and called one girl ugly, among other incidents.

According to state documents, Jordan and Spriggs physically and emotionally abused the children for entertainment.

“It pissed me off.  She knows what she did.  Justice has prevailed,” Buckner said.

Jordan faced a total of 39 charges of abuse, including felony charges. She was denied bond after the verdict.

Jordan faces a maximum of 41 years in prison when she is sentenced in May.

Spriggs is accused of similar mistreatment.  She is a scheduled 3-week jury trial in February.

At least 8 parents have hired attorney James McCoart III and are considering a civil lawsuit against Minnieland.  After Wednesday’s verdict, McCoart issued the following statement:

“Not only were the actions and behavior of this Minnieland employee cruel and traumatizing it was outrageous criminal behavior on our communities most vulnerable and innocent. To hear sworn testimony by three employees of Minnieland that each on separate occasions reported this abuse to the Minnieland supervisor or director and then, and only then it was an anonymous phone call to child protective services that started this criminal investigation is incomprehensible, we will never know how much abuse and trauma could have been spared these children had Minnieland reacted to employees concern.”

A New Award, A New Page

.jpg photo of Blogger AwardDo Our Blogging Awards Help Abused Children?

The Sunshine Blogger Award

Have you ever been busy, and suddenly realized that something is right in front of you, although you know it wasn’t there earlier?

It is the same with these Awards, but with a big exception, we know who they come from, because they are Blessings.  But there is no one that is paid for the work we do, and there is no money accepted  for any reason.   Everything is handled by Our Circle, because this was Our way of giving back for all we have been given in this lifetime.

Our Circle gave NOT IN MY WORLD!!!! G+ Page to Google and the people because of Our like-values, which is love of Our Children,  Our Friends and Family, and Our Country.  There is also members of Our Circle from other Countries.   But we wanted to see those same values, Love, Trust, Respect, Honor, Duty, and Responsibility, continue being taught to every Child because those are the values every good family member, friend, neighbor, citizen, employee, and official should possess.

One last point, and that is a donation can be used for any number of things, an Award is more limited, but both are a solid or physical thing.  A Blessing in this case is a physical thing also, but it is like air, light, water, it is a flowing and felt thing.  Felt as in through the senses.  Also, SEEING is a sense, which brings us to Our Title, and sub-title:  “A New Award, A New Page”, and “Do Our Blogging Awards Help Abused Children?”

Our new page will be Our FAQ Page,  with the first entry being “Do Our Blogging Awards Help Abused Children?”, and I am going to dedicate it to a Young Man that has a very Good, Caring Heart for others around him and isn’t afraid of showing and expressing himself in that regard, but he is also a very smart individual that pursues knowledge like a very good Friend of mine.

Just so this Young Man hears it from me first, when I went by his page, I was reminded of the movie “Animal House” and his name happens to be Mr. Pintowski.  With that I will answer one of the questions I have for My Nominees:  ” How many days a week do you wake-up in a bad mood”?
Seldom, in my whole life have I woke-up in a bad mood, but very few times have I got out of bed if I were in a bad mood.  I love having fun and a good time, but I will stress that Frank and I have always been very driven.

Now, I give you the reason for Our latest Award, PLEASE stop by and visit Mr Pintowski at:

Pintowski’s Blog
Envisioning A Better World

The rules for The Sunshine Blogging Award are:

  • Thank the person who nominated you
  • Answer the 11 questions from your nominator
  • Nominate 11 bloggers and give them 11 questions to answer

My 11 Questions for The SUNSHINE BLOGGER AWARD:

1. What makes your day?
Waking up in time to watch the sunrise

2. Where is your inspiration from on your daily posts?
Making the world a better place for Children

3. What are your thoughts about your environment and neighborhood?
I have always been 1 with nature and the out doors, and if man doesn’t stop polluting the oceans, this earth cannot last much longer,

4. What one thing would you do to make the difference?
Anything within reason

5. What does life mean to you?
Life is sacred

6. What is your best sacrifice?
I have sacrificed nothing, anything this life has cost me, was long paid back more than double by the Man it made me.

7. Where else would you have been in life, if you had the power to do so?

8. Tell me what you know about ideology.
OK, if you are sure Mr. Pintowski.
I do not believe that there are any Children or working class people in the ideology of Our country as it stands now, except as after-thoughts or people dead in the ground.

9. Do people really change?
There are some that change things about themselves, but as far as someone who under-goes a near-complete transformation….  yes I believe it is possible that there have been a small number of people who might have completed a near-total make-over.

10. One thing you like about my blog.
I am going to list 2:  I like the stance you take, your stance is as every young person, with one difference, there is something else which is hard to put a label on, a little added “wisdom” or “outlook”  of one who has seen more or encountered more than one of this age.
Also, the way you interact with your readers is slightly different.

11. One thing you dislike about my posts.
I don’t always get to read your posts.

My 11 Nominations for The Sunshine Blogger Award:


My 11 Questions for my Nominees

1. How many days a week do you wake-up in a bad mood?
2. What are 2 things wrong with the world of today? (1 to 3 word answers)
3. How strong a swimmer are you?
4. What kind of music is best?
5. When was the last course you took?
6. Do you work a regular job?
7. Television or fishing
8. Snowball fight or sun tanning
9. How many languages do you speak?
10. Subject of your next blog?
11. Your age when you fell in love the first time.