MD Elementary School Should Be A Wakeup Call

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Every Child Matters!!!!

I couldn’t imagine how it was possible to videotape AND sexually abuse  Children AT school, much less DURING SCHOOL HOURS.  But it doesn’t end there, apparently this was a whole lot more than a one or two-day thing.

If you missed these posts, they were posted on Our Blog, My Brother’s Keeper, Friday, February 12, 2016:

Children Sexually Abused And Videotaped At School

Principal Placed On Leave

After leaving this on draft status for over half of the day, and walking away, I would never forgive myself if I left these things unsaid….

No matter who is offended.

Continuing where we left off at this being more than a one or two-day thing:

  • at the very least, 10 students were involved
  • the students were 9 – 13 years-of-age
  • Deonte Carraway had at least 40 videos of the students
  • the videos were taken in 3 public places AND in private residences
  • A STUDENT DIDN’T REPORT THIS, an “uncle” found a nude photo on a student’s cell phone and reported it

There are several reasons for this editorial, and while some may view this as “heartless” (possibly as a way of covering for their “INDIFFERENCE”…), I know the ones that will see my genuine concern for all Children in my doing this, truly care for all Children.

Why didn’t a student report this????  If I know why, I believe in my heart that the FBI knows this already also.  If you haven’t figured it out yet, then prepare yourself.  This is what I have said over and over, the numbers and stats almost every site uses are extremely flawed.  On  the conservative side, I believe at least 8 of these Children had been previously molested, for why else wouldn’t at least 1 of these Children report this????

I wish there was a way for me to shake the “uncle’s” hand and tell him THANK YOU!!!!  This is one of the reasons I believe every parent should utilize a tracking app and keystroke app on all Children’s cell phones.

To say these parents are very upset is an extreme understatement, since I believe at least one Child’s parents have already filed suit.

Which brings me to the point where I say this is not so much different than when Child Sex Slaves are freed, except maybe the Children that are freed do not have parents to go home to.  They none-the-less have issues and problems that must be delt with for them to have any type of “normal” future.

It is OUR job to ask our constituents in every state to enact what is needed to ensure these Children have all the counseling, mentoring, and support needed, so they have every chance possible to make this world a better place.

What cannot be overlooked is the fact that the people responsible for doing this perverse thing should and need to be held accountable, and that should include financially, since the one thing I did not mention was the fact that a very high percentage of certain people have HIV/AIDS.