Vehicle Burning, Who Will Help?

Corpus Christi Officer Pulls Man From
Burning Vehicle

A Corpus Christi police officer helped pull a man to safety after his SUV crashed into a guardrail Monday.

Officer Jon McGinley saw the Chevrolet Suburban speeding on Texas State Highway 358 about 6 p.m.  The SUV took the turn ramp to State Highway 286 and crashed, police said.

McGinley arrived to a burning SUV.  He hit the passenger side window with his baton several times to break it and was able to open the door.

In the video posted to the department’s website, McGinley is heard yelling, “Come on man, get out the car.  Hey, your truck’s on fire.  Get out … Dude, you’re on fire, come on, come on man.  Come this way.”
McGinley and a witness eventually dragged the 29-year-old driver to safety before the SUV was engulfed in flames, police said.

The driver was taken to an area hospital with injuries not believed to be life-threatening.  No charges have been filed against him, police said.

There was no one else in the SUV.

The ramp was closed to traffic for more than an hour until the vehicle was towed.