Children Are The Losers

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Ark of Hope for Children

Very Little Chance For Children To Recover From Child Abuse Or Slavery

Our Children are still basically unprotected, and are continually ignored by Our Law Makers, marking them as fair-game to perverts and predators.

Very few parents care enough to even attempt to actively supervise internet, television, and telephone use.

What came as a shock was the fact that there are no state resources already in place for Child Abuse and Child Sex Slavery victims.  There aren’t even  laws that protect Child Sex Slavery victims already in place in every state.

In an attempt to serve Our Children and Parents better, we have continually checked into the finances of many “worthy charities” and found more than a few with very high administration costs deducted right off the top of donations.

From the beginning , we have reported to Our Circle that Ark of Hope for Children is at the top as far as being there 100% for Children who are victims of Child Abuse and Child Sex Slavery.

Our Circle can proudly say that we have shown our support for Our Children as Social Ambassadors for Ark of Hope for Children, but now has opened Our hearts again and wish to ask everyone to join us as very proud supporters and donate to this worthy organization.