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How the law failed part-Choctaw girl and Santa Clarita family in custody battle
By Susan Shelley, LA Daily News

Ms Susan Shelley, in your attempt to help this Foster Family, you chose RACISM to get your reader’s attention and sympathetic to your cause.  ALL CANADIAN, NORTH AMERICAN, AND SOUTH AMERICAN ABORIGINAL PEOPLE SACRIFICE THEIR CHILDREN TO BAAL.  I choose not speak more on the subject of this IGNORANCE.

Ms Shelley, so many are INDIFFERENT to the very real RACISM Native People have endured for far too long.  This instance is just another time when Laws are ignored when Native People are involved.

A young girl’s mother had passed away when the girl was very young, and she was tormented by the thought of grave robbers disturbing her mother’s grave.  Years later, another Ms Shelley, Mary Shelly, wrote the story “Frankenstein”; she was the young girl, and grave robbing was a crime at that time as it is now.

In 2014, a Navajo Holy Warrior and three others traveled to Paris France, and were forced to buy back what was stolen from Navajo graves by GRAVE ROBBERS.

 Ms Shelley, You speak of a flawed and unconstitutional Federal law, the Indian Child Welfare Act, yet you stand and defend a corrupt system that does so much more harm to Children and Families than the little bit of good it might do at times.

I ask you, Ms Shelley, WHY, why are so many Native American Children in DHHS custody, when Native Americans are the true minority, yet the percentage of Native Young ones are much more than even the whites, who are reported more and yet their Children are not stolen.

The stats are said to be about the same among all races, according to DHHS.

I say this is just a tiny part of the untruths used by this corrupt, out-of-control agency.

When Women and Young Girls are sexually assaulted, DHHS says it is Family or someone close and known over 80% of the time.

Ms Shelley, when taking about every race, this is tainted data!  There are two races of people who have far different numbers, they are Native American and Alaskan Native.  When these Women and Young Girls are sexually assaulted, it is Family, or someone close and known less than 30% of the time.

Ms Shelley, do you know what this means?  This translates to over 70% of the time, other races come and sexually assault Our Women and Our Children!!!!

NOW, you were talking of FLAWED AND UNJUST LAWS, Native American Law Enforcement are only allowed to prosecute ones which live on the Rez, while very few are ever prosecuted by other Law Enforcement Agencies for what they have done to Native American Women and Children.

Lawmakers Fault HHS With Migrant Child Sexual Abuse

WASHINGTON  –  Migrant children in the government’s care fell prey to human trafficking after the Health and Human Services Department failed to protect them, according to a bipartisan congressional investigation released.

Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., stopped his line of questioning and left the hearing after saying that the witnesses were “the definition of non-cooperative.”

Kentucky Couple Shaken By False Child Abuse Calls

Hundreds of Child Abuse Hotline Calls Ignored in VA

AUGUSTA COUNTY, VA  –  A scathing investigation is putting Child Protective Services of Augusta County, Staunton and Waynesboro in the hot seat.

It all surrounds an investigative story published by The News Leader, which revealed hundreds of messages to the department’s child abuse line were, “ignored and erased.”

CPS Worker Found Guilty Of Official Oppression

These CPS workers conspired against at least 4 different Families, and manufactured EVIDENCE that subjected these Families to illegal search and seizure.  I believe we know just WHAT was illegally seized.

Child Abuse And Neglect Laws Aren’t Being Enforced


Failings by All Three Branches of Our Federal Government Leave Abused and Neglected Children Vulnerable to Further Harm

Laws intended to protect children from abuse and neglect are not being properly enforced, and the federal government is to blame. That’s according to a study by the Children’s Advocacy Institute at the University of San Diego School of Law, which says children are suffering as a result.

Elisa Weichel, a staff attorney with the Children’s Advocacy Institute, which published the report, says “When your data is flawed, every other part of your system is going to be flawed.”

Her group has found plenty of flaws.  The institute conducted a three-year study and found that not one state has met all of the minimum child welfare standards set by the federal government. Those standards include such things as timely investigation of reports of child abuse.  The institute blames Congress and the courts for failing to get involved.

The Department of Health and Human Services, which reviews state programs, declined to comment on the report.

But there’s broad agreement among those involved in child welfare that the system is in desperate need of repair.

When DHHS (CPS) is backed into a corner, they complain that they spend too much time filling out federal forms and trying to meet requirements that aren’t necessarily best for kids.  Instead, he says, they want flexibility on how to spend federal funds.

As usual, even though MILLION$$$$ of taxpayer Dollars are grossly mismanaged and a major number of high-priority cases go uninvestigated, they are going to tell us how overworked they are and how they would know just how to use the money to better benefit Children and Families.