Innocence Lost Or Stolen

.jpg photo of poached ivory to be burned
Hopes and Dreams are burned while Children starve

The Next 7,000 Years:  Starving, Raping, and
Perverting Our Children

On Saturday, April 30, 2016 Kenya destroyed more than $172 million worth of illegal elephant tusks and rhino horn.

Twelve ivory towers burned, sending thick plumes of ash and smoke over Nairobi National Park as elephant and rhino tusks smoldered.

This was the most significant demonstration against poaching in the region and the largest burn of illegal wildlife products in history.

This is just another slap in the face to the have-nots of this world.  Just half of this money could have funded a Clean, Safe, Water Project, which might have created many jobs for several years, and permanent jobs for overseers and a maintenance crew.
~ Robert StrongBow ~

  • About 50% of Kenya lives in poverty.
  • If you’re wondering what is the poverty line in Kenya, it is set at $1.46 per day in urban areas and $0.68 in rural ones.
  • Of those living in Kenya, 42 percent are children under 15.
  • HIV/AIDS has already orphaned over 1 million children.

Pointing Fingers

Every country does the very same finger-pointing, just as every person does the same finger-pointing, all the while they are simply doing all they can to cover their own short-comings.




Our  Law Makers have done nothing to protect Our Children from the PERVERSE CHILD PREDATORS all the way back up the family tree to Adam and Eve.

Our Children here, Kenya, and the whole world over are being exposed to this HIV/AIDS epidemic,  and everyone seems to be ignoring it.

But now Our Law Makers want you to let your Children be exposed to perverts like Dennis Hastert who are NOT content to limit their fantasies to their own bedrooms and adult partners.

Well HERE is the news flash, this is NOT something that has just started, it is and has been a very real evil forced on Children for 7,000 years.

WE THE PEOPLE have allowed the perverse fantasies of people to be paraded and flaunted in plain sight of innocent Children, subverting their minds on what is right and what is so wrong.

WE THE PEOPLE allowed the “Professionals” of an inexact science to further this  evil agenda based on whims alone, with no solid, proven facts.

It must be noted that Licensed Medical Professionals  have been totally ignored in their stating that there is no proof to base this belief.

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