MS Baby Has Meth Seizure

.jpg photo of Father of Child exposed to meth
Justin Klutts, 36

Mississippi parents charged with Child Abuse

Jackson, MS  –  Four people have been arrested and charged with child abuse after an eight-month old baby had a seizure from meth exposure in Clay County.

Mark McNutt, Jr., 25 and Courtney Witinole, 22, were each charged with one count of child deprivation of necessities with substantial harm.

Samantha McNutt, 24 and Justin Klutts, 36,

the boy’s parents, were each charged with one count of child abuse.

Clay County Sheriff Eddie Scott said the child started having seizures at home and Samantha McNutt took the infant to the hospital.

The child was airlifted to Jackson where tests concluded he had meth in his system.

Scott said investigators were still trying to determine if the boy had meth in his system from exposure or consumption.  However, a preliminary investigation led them to believe the infant was exposed to meth.

A meth lab was not found in the home and the parents did not have meth in their possession at the time of their arrest.

“If they’re going to be crazy enough to put this stuff in their system that’s one thing but an innocent child…  we’re pretty upset about it,” Scott said.  “You can rest assured this is going to be my focus from here on out.”

Samantha McNutt and Klutts each received a $50,000 bond.  Mark McNutt each received a bond of $10,000.  Witinole received a bond of $5,000.

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    1. The Smiling Pilgrim, We appreciate and highly value your input, and you obviously care about Children, which puts you in VIP Country as far as we are concerned.
      One thing I’d like to tell you to keep in mind, suddenly everyone is saying Child Abuse is spiking or going off the scale, that is BS, they are just covering for CPS and their tainted stats since CPS is no longer getting “The Untouchable” treatment in Federal Court now. Also the 5 Child Abuse deaths a Day, is BS and has never been below 13 to 15.
      I will say that since Violence became an everyday thing, some of the Child Abuse is more violent.
      Thank You for your time and come back to see us more often,

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