Lt. Governor Dan Patrick Cares For Children And Families

.jpg photo of Texas Lt. Governor
Texas Lt. Governor Dan Patrick

The Fort Worth Star-Telegram is pushing a Non-Issue, Gender Dysphoria

There are only 2 genders, male and female.  Although, as usual the media is using deceit and a play on words to further this perverse agenda.

There is one small thing Washington and the media will not say, “Drugs that are given to children to block puberty.”

So, there is noTransgender, only a psychological disorder called “gender dysphoria”.

This year alone, 10,000,000 Children will contract at least one (1) or more STI or STD.

There is an AIDS epidemic and Washington could care less.

There is a war being waged as we speak, it is a war of PERVERTS AND CHILD MOLESTERS AGAINST OUR CHILDREN!!!!


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