TX Couple Force Children To Eat Vomit

.jpg photo of man arrested for Child Abuse
John Granado, 39

BCSO Arrest Two In Child Abuse Case

San Antonio, TX  –  Bexar County Sheriff’s Deputies arrested a couple Friday morning and charged them with injury to a child by contact following multiple allegations of child abuse ranging from forcing children to eat vomit, to beating one with a small wooden bat.

Authorities arrested John Granado, 39, and his wife Jennifer Ramirez, 34, after a 16-year-old girl came to school with bruises on her eye, arm and calf as well as scratch marks on both sides of her hips on Thursday, an affidavit said.

The teen told school staff that Granado and Ramirez hit her with a small wooden bat, fists and a leather belt.  When the teen spoke with an investigator, she said the beatings had occurred since she was 9-years-old, the affidavit said.

After further investigation, Granado confirmed to police he had to take the teen to an emergency room several years prior where she was treated for a head injury.

The teen alleges the injury was caused by Granado throwing a bed leg riser at her head, which also left her with a scar.

Additionally, the teen said she and her younger sibling were forced to eat jalapenos until they vomited, after which they were forced by the couple to eat the vomit.

According to the affidavit, Granado told investigators he and his wife had lost their temper and did assault the girl on May 20, causing the injuries that authorities came to the school to investigate on Thursday.

Both Granado and Ramirez face third degree felony charges for their alleged role in the beatings of the teen.  It is unclear if the teen or her younger sibling are related to the couple, or if separate charges will be filed for the allegations involving the younger sibling.

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