OK Couple Say CSA Was Sex Ed

.jpg photo of woman arrested for Child Sexual Assault
Dana Langley, 44

Sand Springs Couple Claims Child Abuse Was Sex Education

TULSA, Oklahoma  –  A man and woman are in Tulsa County Jail after a teenage girl reported that they had sex with her.  The incidents took place when the girl was 14, according to court documents.

Authorities say James Don Booker and his girlfriend Dana Langley abused the girl who is a relative of Langley’s.

.jpg photo of man arrested for Child Sexual Assault
James Don Booker, 26

The girl had asked Langley questions about sex, and the couple decided that the “solution” to her curiosity was to have sex with them, court records show.  An affidavit of probable cause says the abuse took place on more than one occasion in a vehicle parked in the Keystone Dam spillway lot.

James Booker was booked on four complaints of sexual abuse of a minor.  Booker, 26, is being held on a $200,000 bond.  Dana Langley, 44, is being held on two counts of child sexual abuse and a $100,000 bond.

Lt. Governor Dan Patrick Cares For Children And Families

.jpg photo of Texas Lt. Governor
Texas Lt. Governor Dan Patrick

The Fort Worth Star-Telegram is pushing a Non-Issue, Gender Dysphoria

There are only 2 genders, male and female.  Although, as usual the media is using deceit and a play on words to further this perverse agenda.

There is one small thing Washington and the media will not say, “Drugs that are given to children to block puberty.”

So, there is noTransgender, only a psychological disorder called “gender dysphoria”.

This year alone, 10,000,000 Children will contract at least one (1) or more STI or STD.

There is an AIDS epidemic and Washington could care less.

There is a war being waged as we speak, it is a war of PERVERTS AND CHILD MOLESTERS AGAINST OUR CHILDREN!!!!


Research Pinpoints Possible Child Abuse

.jpg photo of Child Abuse map
Highest Risk Areas For Child Abuse

Research Pinpoints Highest Risk Areas For
Child Abuse In Dallas

DALLAS, TX  –  New research obtained exclusively by CBS11 News pinpoints the Dallas zip codes where children are most often abused in the city.

“We know that child abuse is becoming drastically worse in Texas and the system is broken right now,” said Ashley Brundage with United Way Of Metropolitan Dallas.

An alarming three children a week in Texas are dying from abuse, according to experts.

CBS11 spoke to a 20-year-old mother who lives in the West Dallas 75211 zip code where statistics show more children are victims of abuse than anywhere else in the city.

“If they are inhuman enough to hurt you, what’s to say they won’t hurt your children,” said Brandi Williams, who just left an abusive relationship.

High risk zip codes like Williams’ are the focus of the new prevention program called Dallas HOPES.  With abuse cases increasing at a frightening rate, according to child welfare groups, the program is long overdue.  The program is funded by a $3 ½ million grant and will hopefully help parents like Williams and her children with voluntary home visits and support programs.

The HOPES grant, the largest ever received by United Way, will develop and implement systems-level, county-wide efforts aimed at increasing community awareness and outreach, coordinating and aligning child abuse and abuse service providers, and ensuring health care providers are trained to identify early signs of maltreatment.

“It’s the biggest grant we’ve ever gotten,” said Brundage. “I think it will make some kind of difference.”

MS Baby Has Meth Seizure

.jpg photo of Father of Child exposed to meth
Justin Klutts, 36

Mississippi parents charged with Child Abuse

Jackson, MS  –  Four people have been arrested and charged with child abuse after an eight-month old baby had a seizure from meth exposure in Clay County.

Mark McNutt, Jr., 25 and Courtney Witinole, 22, were each charged with one count of child deprivation of necessities with substantial harm.

Samantha McNutt, 24 and Justin Klutts, 36,

the boy’s parents, were each charged with one count of child abuse.

Clay County Sheriff Eddie Scott said the child started having seizures at home and Samantha McNutt took the infant to the hospital.

The child was airlifted to Jackson where tests concluded he had meth in his system.

Scott said investigators were still trying to determine if the boy had meth in his system from exposure or consumption.  However, a preliminary investigation led them to believe the infant was exposed to meth.

A meth lab was not found in the home and the parents did not have meth in their possession at the time of their arrest.

“If they’re going to be crazy enough to put this stuff in their system that’s one thing but an innocent child…  we’re pretty upset about it,” Scott said.  “You can rest assured this is going to be my focus from here on out.”

Samantha McNutt and Klutts each received a $50,000 bond.  Mark McNutt each received a bond of $10,000.  Witinole received a bond of $5,000.


.jpg photo of Child Abuse cases in the news
Why would anyone hurt a Child?

Pediatrician:  ‘Asking why is sometimes futile’ about Child Abuse

“Latest cases involve allegations of withholding food, other abuse”

SAN ANTONIO, TX  –  After a string of high-profile child-abuse cases and deaths, a San Antonio doctor who specialized in child-abuse cases said, at times, it is futile to ask why.

As one of only 200 pediatricians in the nation specializing in child-abuse cases, Dr. Natalie Kissoon said the Center for Miracles at the Children’s Hospital of San Antonio has seen cases of withholding food coupled with other forms of abuse and neglect.

“Asking the question ‘Why?’ is sometimes futile,” Kissoon said.  “It’s very hard to understand the motive of someone who has hurt a child.”

The latest high-profile case in Bexar County involves the death of a 7-month-old infant two days before Christmas.  The baby weighed only 10 lbs., just three pounds more than when he was born.

His parents, Marquita Johnson and Qwalion Busby, were arrested Wednesday, and remain in the Bexar County Jail under $100,000 bonds, charged with injury to a child – serious bodily injury by omission.

“They knew they were killing that child slowly.  They’re guilty.  They didn’t do enough to get that baby help,” said Lori Ann Gonzales, a volunteer with the child advocacy group, Eagles Flight Advocacy and Outreach.

Gonzales also is the mother of a special-needs child.

Kissoon said nutrition is vital in the first two years of life when the brain can triple in size.

She said without it, there’s a risk of failure to grow as the child should, developmental delays and cognitive impairment.

But others are able to recover, she said.

Much like last month’s case in which two of eight children were restrained in the backyard of a northeast Bexar County duplex, Kissoon said, “You might have children singled out from the family.”

In court testimony Wednesday, a foster mother testified those two children now constantly want food.

The child advocacy volunteer said she’s even seen children “hoarding food.”

“Anywhere they see food, they’ll grab that food and they will hide it and take it with them,” Gonzales said.