Justice For Celina 5 Years Later

.jpg photo of girl murdered in 2011
Justice for Celina Cass 5 years later

Stepfather charged with killing N.H. girl in 2011

STEWARTSTOWN, NH  –  The stepfather of an 11-year-old New Hampshire girl found dead in a river in 2011 was arrested Monday on a second-degree murder charge in her killing.

Wendell Noyes, 52, of Stewartstown, was taken into custody in the slaying of Celina Cass, the attorney general said.  The girl was reported missing from her home July 26, 2011, and her body was recovered from the Connecticut River six days later.

Noyes, who is accused of killing Cass by submerging her body in the river, is set to be arraigned Tuesday.  Associate Attorney General Jane Young declined to comment on what led to the arrest, and a phone number listed for Noyes was disconnected.

In the days after Celina disappeared, Noyes described her as a quiet girl who would not have left the home on her own.  Several months later, after his truck, cellphone and computer had been seized by investigators, he told WMUR-TV, “I had nothing to do with it.  We left the door unlocked, and somebody else was in the apartment after we went upstairs.”

At the time of her disappearance, the girl lived with Noyes, her mother, her 13-year-old sister and the 22-year-old son of one of her mother’s former boyfriends.  Both men were later subpoenaed to testify at grand jury proceedings related to the case.  In February, a major crimes squad truck was seen parked outside Noyes’ trailer.

Court documents show Noyes has a history of psychiatric issues.  He was found unfit to stand trial in a 2003 case in which he was charged with breaking into an ex-girlfriend’s home and threatening her.

School Employee Assaults Special Needs Child

.jpg photo of school where employee assaulted Child
Public School Employee assaults Child

Ex-Middle school staffer charged with Child Abuse

JACKSONVILLE, FL  –  A former Duval County teacher’s assistant is facing child abuse charges from an altercation with two students in December.

According to Duval County School Board investigative reports, teacher assistant Robert Fields resigned, rather than face termination proceedings.

The reports said Fields told two students at Arlington Middle School to get back inside after they left a building with a basketball and a football without permission.

The students obeyed, but refused to hand over the balls and started to play keep-away with Fields, bouncing the balls off walls and windows.

That led to a physical confrontation between Fields and both students, the reports said.

Fields wrestled one to the floor and took the football away from him, and he shoved the other student several times in the chest and brought him into an intervention room, according to the reports.

Once inside, Fields and the second student got into a wrestling match, which only broke up when Duval County School Police Officer Ryan Goethe opened the door.

Fields told Goethe the student punched him in the face several times, and Goethe arrested the student.

No surveillance video was available from the intervention room, but there was video from the hallway.  Goethe did not retrieve that video for days, and when he did, he could see that Fields initiated the violence.

He told his supervisor, Sgt. Leslie Sams, and the State Attorney’s Office was advised about what the surveillance video showed.

Charges were dropped against the student, who was released from juvenile lockup after nine days.

Child abuse charges were filed against Fields.

Both officers were found to have violated School Board Police procedures.

Alabama CPS: No Respect For Laws Or Families

Mother and Her Child Subjected To
Inhuman Treatment

Alabama CPS is supposed to care about the welfare of Children.

These people ignored the well-being of this Mother and her new-born Child, and left little doubt that Mother and her Child were seriously traumatized.

It has been well proven and documented that Children subjected to violence and trauma are adversely affected to the point to where chances of normal growth and functions of the brain are altered.

Everyone knows how easily newborns are scared and stressed.

In effect, Alabama CPS have made themselves liable, and most probably for the life of this Dear Child, while illegally stealing this Young Mother’s Child.  THIS WAS KIDNAPPING!!!!

We are going to post one video here, and then I am going to link to Medical Kidnap for the full story.

Alabama CPS (DHR) Steals Baby from Rape Victim



Stranger Danger Protection: The Secret Password – please pass it forward :)

A Parent And Their Child

It is a parent’s duty to provide a non-violent setting for their Child;    while being loved, feeling safe at all times, with proper nutrition and healthcare, where they can learn the basic qualities it takes to be a good family member,  good friend, and good student.  Only then can you know they have the chance to reach their maximum potential through equal opportunity education, to be good citizens and make this world a better place.

I want to say THANK YOU to Ms King for allowing us to run this post again on Our Site.  Ms King is a very good, loving Parent, and a role-model for all young parents-to-be.  In closing I would like to say one thing:  ALL IT TAKES TO STEAL A CHILD’S FUTURE IS ONLY A MATTER OF SECONDS.

Stranger Danger Protection:
The Secret Password

A copy of a letter I sent to all of the primary schools to save children – simple and super-effective! Please pass it on My son is 26 years old now and it has always amazed me at how many par…

Source: Stranger Danger Protection: The Secret Password – please pass it forward 🙂

MS Toddler Had Over 30 Wounds

.jpg photo of man accused of Child Abuse
Nathan Blake McCrory, 24

Man accused of beating, burning son
asks for bond

JACKSON COUNTY, MS – The attorney for the man accused of beating and burning his 3-year-old son wants his client to have bond pending trial.

Nathan Blake McCrory, 24, is being held at the Jackson County jail without bond on charges of felony child abuse and marijuana cultivation.  He is accused of causing at least 30 wounds to his son, Zander Saucier.

McCrory’s attorney, James L. Farrior III, on Monday wanted a county court judge to consider a motion to grant McCrory bond so he could possibly bond out of jail pending trial.

But nothing happened.

“Since I had already bound him over to a grand jury, it’s out of my jurisdiction,” Judge T. Larry Wilson said.

Wilson said the request for bond will have to be taken up in Circuit Court.  A date has not been set.

In May, Jackson County Detective Eddie Clark said Zander had at least 30 wounds to his body, including suspected cigarette and lighter burns along with a collapsed lung, a tear to his liver, an injury to his penis and a bleed to the brain when arrived at a hospital the evening of April 10.

McCrory had brought the unconscious child to his mother at her job and she dialed 911 for an ambulance.  From the hospital, he was airlifted to an Alabama hospital.

Members of McCrory’s family claim the boy was injured when he fell down a flight of stairs at Nathan McCrory’s home in Vancleave.

After Zander was injured, he remained hospitalized for seven days before returning home.  His mother, Emily Saucier, and her uncle, Jimmy Spears, said Zander seems like a normal boy physically but he is still in the process of recovering.

The community has rallied around Zander to offer support.

On Friday evening, Team Zander Day was held at MGM Park during the Biloxi Shuckers game.

Zander was the featured guest and arrived on the same type of helicopter used to transport him to Alabama.

Zander also threw the first pitch at Friday night’s game.