Honoring Courage: To Protect And Serve

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Honoring Courage: To Protect and Serve

Dallas Vigil Monday Night, President to Visit

“It is not my tears you see, it is the Sweat of Our Protectors as they labor Thanklessly to keep Our streets safe, it is the Blood of Our Protectors as they shield us from the onslaught of ones that care only for themselves, it is the Tears of Our Protectors as the hateful, evil words from the uncaring cut deeply into their hearts.”
~ Robert StrongBow ~

Hundreds of people gathered Monday evening outside Dallas City Hall for a candlelight vigil in memory of the five police officers killed last Thursday by a gunman.

The vigil included remarks by Dallas Police Chief David Brown, DART Police Chief J.D. Spiller and Dallas Police Association president Ron Pinkston.

Dallas Police Chief: ‘We Are Asking Cops to Do Too Much’

“Today we honor the memory of five heroes,” Pinkston said.

Families and colleagues of the five officers who died — four Dallas Police officers and one DART officer — were in attendance at the vigil.

Dallas Mourns After Five Police Officers Killed

“Families, we love you.  We love you with everything we have.  We are now you surrogate family members.  We’re your brothers and your sisters.  When you need us, you call,” Brown said.

Dallas Police Candlelight Vigil

Five fellow officers offered remembrances of their partners killed in Thursday’s ambush attack – their loss now serving to further strengthen the city of Dallas.

“If someone thought that what they did was going to tear up Dallas and the state of Texas, they were wrong.  What it did, what it did was galvanized us,” Spiller said.

On Tuesday, President Obama will speak at an interfaith ceremony honoring the city’s fallen officers.

The private event will be held at the Morton H. Meyerson Symphony Center, 2301 Flora Street.  Obama will also meet privately with the families of the fallen police officers and those who were injured.

For security reasons city officials did not list specific downtown street closures, but drivers are warned to expect significant delays Monday and Tuesday due to the president’s visit.

“For reasons of my own, I will not publicize the last group of pictures, instead I choose to HONOR COURAGE: TO PROTECT AND SERVE”
~ Robert StrongBow ~

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  1. I hope this will not become a political opportunity to further the anti-American second Amendment rhetoric which always follows this type of incident.

    1. Lonny, it’s great to have you here, where the action is. Far too few listen when told Our sites are very responsive, which means Device Friendly.
      Lonny, most of the “Rocket Scientist” Lemmings follow along blindly behind the “Crying Fiddler”, at least the ones that don’t have a reserved seat on his hay-ride wagons.
      Then, no matter what he says, the Lemmings never question, they just take up the chant first thing.
      Climate Change???? Assault Rifles???? Fracking????
      Just a load of BS, what the Lemmings should have at least checked out was when I blew the climate change Lie out of the water, and TOLD THEM what is killing all the fish in the 7 seas.
      Our purification system can clean up anything a Volcano can blow out, including cleaning the atmosphere also.
      BUT, it can NOT break-down WEAPONS- GRADE ENRICHED PLUTONIUM WASTE, that is still being dumped in containers on the ocean floor in all 7 seas.
      The problem is the containers are starting to leak

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