Hot Vehicle Claims Dallas Toddler

.jpg photo of graphic for extreme temperatures and danger of leaving children in vehicles
Dallas Toddler Lost In Hot Vehicle

Child Dies After Being Left in Hot Car

#HotVehicles are not #BabySitters

Dallas Fire-Rescue tells NBCDFW that a child was left in a hot vehicle on Sunday afternoon.  Dallas Police later confirmed the child died and they are investigating the cause.

Dallas Fire Rescue said the 3-year-old child was found in a vehicle in the 11000 block of Shiloh Road near LBJ Freeway and Shiloh Road.

Dallas police have been called and will meet the family at the hospital.

We use KIDS AND, because we have found these great people go the extra mile to help and they have great resources.

Child vehicular heat stroke deaths for 2016: 19, and I believe this number is 20 now.

We have downloaded several really nice resources, including the “Heatstroke Fact Sheet“, which we downloaded this evening.  You can get this in .pdf form here:

Click to access heatstroke-fact-sheet-2016.pdf