The Rest Of The Story – No AED

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The Rest of The Story

Our Second Anniversary, Equal Rights, and Batteries Not Included

It seems like yesterday, but it was long ago….

Somehow we had survived what few, real people, could have walked away from.

The stench of THE Race Card still heavy in the air, yet the truly oppressed were never even a thought.

The nightly news, total silence with not even a breath, only the number of Our Friends dead….

An illusion of Jane Fonda on the anti-aircraft gun, then only the sound of The James Gang.

The Dixie Mafia, and a Fat Mexican on A Patch.

Few Men ever ventured into no-man’s land ever again.

Life was good, and never imagined.


Every Child deserves an equal chance to make this world a better place.

Somewhere along the way, the evil within YOU, not the devil with a pitchfork, convinced YOU that the wholesale MURDER of Our Children was OK.  Just as the unprovable theories of psychologists swayed enough perverse Law Makers and Judges into enacting laws which make it even more impossible for Our Children to be raised with any innocence.

You overlooked one important thing along the way, and that is the blood on your hands, because if you didn’t happen to notice, there is NOT an extension cord sending an electric signal to the hearts of the Children that are MURDERED.

There is one thing that a Child cannot be taught, and that is LOVE. You can teach a Child how to spell LOVE, but a Child learns LOVE by being LOVED.

LOVE, TRUST, mutual Family RESPECT, and RESPONSIBILITY are necessary components for meaningful communication between Parents and a Child.  QUALITY TIME is the bridge that opens the door to making GOOD Memories, which build and strengthen values in young Parents, as they teach the basics of these values with LOVE and UNDERSTANDING to their Children.

These values are the building blocks of tomorrows GOOD CITIZENS.

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