Our WordPress Second Anniversary

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Say a prayer for Jacob Wetterling’s Family

Victurus Te Saluto

I can’t imagine myself anywhere, because so many of you helped make this home for us.

I can remember, vividly, looking at the lights of Dallas Texas for the first time, and it seemed so much better than so many years before, when I saw the Dallas Lights for the first time.

There was no comparison, as if two different places, from 2 different periods in time.

I just went and stood for more than a moment, looking out at the lights of the other shops, and happened to see a familiar face, as Bogey held the door for him….  I should, just this once, go, then slip out unnoticed and leave my Friend the tab, unnoticed, under the right cuff of his fine, tailored, dress shirt.

I wish there was a way to stretch this out, but I have a post that has sat right here for way over 24 hours.

Our shop is still the same place, last shop on the left, right at the edge of the sewers.

HEY…. I bet all of Our Friends would pitch in, and I also bet the WordPress Engineers would love the challenge.

Oh I know I’m dreaming, but if these great people can keep all these shops running 24 hours a day, they can REDESIGN THESE SICK PIECES OF CRAP THAT NOT ONLY LIVE IN THE SEWER, THEY CAN ACT LIKE WHAT THEY ARE AND JUST FLOAT RIGHT ON DOWN..,..

Say a prayer for Jacob’s Family PLEASE????

~ Scio Te ~

7 thoughts on “Our WordPress Second Anniversary”

      1. Irene, you and Our Other Ladys who work so hard, and yet care so much for Our Children that you follow, are the True Roses of your own kind.
        I send all good things your way, always and all ways.
        Robert Blackhorn StrongBow

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