High Increase In PA Child Abuse

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Pennsylvania sees high increase in Child Abuse

Pennsylvania prosecutors swamped with
Child Abuse reports

A nearly 40 percent increase in the number of reported cases of child abuse in Pennsylvania is straining the resources of county district attorneys’ offices, with one prosecutor saying her staff is overwhelmed by the surging workload.

Prosecutors say they support a 2014 legislative overhaul of the state’s child abuse law, which, among other things, expanded the definition of child abuse and made more adults legally responsible for reporting suspected cases of it.

But they’re having trouble keeping up with the resulting surge in abuse claims.  Centre County District Attorney Stacy Parks Miller says her office is “absolutely crushed by the increase in numbers.”

Pennsylvania lawmakers approved about two dozen measures in response to the child sexual abuse scandal involving former Penn State assistant football coach Jerry Sandusky.

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  1. A very high increase, but hay they give them two years make they are living near school and history repeats itself. And again and again. These people cannot be cured. I say one time to many (life).

      1. I am Cuban with Taino Caribbean Native none left due to Colonization. I am back French traced back to African Slave, and family I am embarrassed to say spanaird. I am called a mulata and very proud of my heinz 57 mix.

        My Grandkids are Cuban African American, called swirl, beautiful children.

        And you? Native?

        It is my duty to stand for both of my beautiful heritages.
        Peace Be Ours

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