Bullying Usually Involves An Adult

.jpg photo of school teacher arrested for Child Abuse
Julie Bosher, 52

Muldrow Teacher Charged With Enabling
Child Abuse By Injury

MULDROW, OK  –  Prosecutors charged a Muldrow High School teacher Friday with Enabling Child Abuse By Injury after a police investigation into an altercation at the school in September.

Muldrow School’s campus police stated in a news release, while investigating a fight on school grounds on September 29th, they found a possible school policy and criminal violation committed by a teacher identified as 52-year-old Julie Bosher.

Police said the findings of their investigation were turned over to the Sequoyah County DA’s office.  They allege Julie Bosher knew the fight was going to happen and then followed the two male students involved outside and watched without intervening until another student stepped in and stopped the fight.

Campus Police said the fight resulted in disciplinary action for the two students.

Bosher was arrested Friday and booked into the Sequoyah County jail.  A date for her court appearance on the charge has not yet been set.

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