Lawsuit filed against NH DCYF

.jpg photo of Child Sex Abuse graphic
It is time to clean this ccorrupt agency up!!!!

Grandparents sue Child Protection Agency over Child Sex Abuse

There is NO WAY that I will list the details of this case.  ANYONE that would sexually abuse a Child should live the remainder of their perverse life in confinement, AT THE VERY LEAST!!!!
~ Robert StrongBow ~

CONCORD, NH  –  The grandparents of two young sisters who were sexually abused by their parents while in foster care are suing New Hampshire’s child protection agency.

The lawsuit was filed Thursday by the girls’ grandparents, who have adopted them.  It alleges the Division for Children, Youth and Families allowed the biological parents to have unsupervised visits with their children in 2013, even after police began investigating reports that the couple had molested other children at a homeless shelter where they were living.

Attorney Cyrus Rilee says major reforms are needed, starting with an immediate increase in child protection workers.

Department of Health and Human Services Commissioner Jeffrey Meyers says the department takes the need to ensure child safety and wellbeing seriously and has been working to improve staffing.

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