Giving Tuesday

The Holiday Season, a time for giving
and helping others

This is Our third Holiday Season since opening Our Doors on Google August 19, 2014, and We made Our first post here on WordPress October 17, 2014.

Since that time We have added support pages on FaceBook, Tumblr, Pinterest, and Twitter.

On November 17, 2015 We made Our first post on Our WordPress Blog, My Brother’s Keeper.

In all that time, I have come to know one thing for sure:  INDIFFERENCE WILL NEVER STOP CHILD ABUSE

We are not indifferent toward Children, We Love and Care about every Child in this world.

We have joined with Ark of Hope for Children in their Holiday Fundraiser, and have Our very own Fundraising Team, We are Team Removing Chains GT16 NotInMyWorldOrg.

We want to ask you all to join with us this Holiday Season, as We open Our Hearts to give, We ask you to open your Hearts, and join with Us in giving to #ArkOfHopeForChildren.

Team Removing Chains GT16 NotInMyWorldOrg

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