Children Locked Up And Starved 3 Months

.jpg photo of house where Children were malnourished and beaten
Children were nearly starved to death and beaten.

Police:  Children Abused, locked in room found nearly starved to death

HALIFAX, PA  –  It is a horrible case of child abuse, alleged by authorities in Halifax, Pennsylvania.

They say for three months, three young children were locked in a room and abused to the point of near starvation.  A five-year-old child weighed only 23 pounds.  Now, the parents are behind bars facing numerous charges.

“One of the girls was, probably according to the doctor was about a week away from dying,” Dauphin County District Attorney Ed Marsico said.

The district attorney says the children found in this home, under the care of Brandi Weyant and Joshua Weyant, were nearly starved to death and beaten.

“They were locked in a room with no heat source, they were given no food we believe for the last few months, their weight was basically just skin and bone,” Marsico said.

The owner of this house, Sheila Herb, says she had no idea what was going on behind closed doors.

“They need to rot in jail,” Herb said.

According to court paperwork, the children told police they were locked in their room and couldn’t leave.  Investigators say the kids told them “they would have to pound on the wall to get someone to take them to the bathroom and they would urinate on themselves and on the bedroom floor when no one would come.”

“[There’s] mold and lice [and] bed bugs,” Herb said.  “You’re going to want to shower when you leave here.”

The court paperwork says “the victims were found to be extremely disheveled with dirt, animal hair, urine and feces in their clothing and encrusted into their skin.”

“Everything you open, there’s bugs running,” Herb said.

Inside the house, a man who says he lived there, didn’t want to go on camera.  He says he fed the kids each a single apple every morning. He says he didn’t know they were being abused.

“The pictures in this case were terrible,” Marsico said.  “To see these children, you knew that they were near death when you see the pictures.”

The DA says all three children are either still in the hospital or back in the hospital.  The parents are facing numerous charges, the most serious of which is aggravated assault.

“The aggravated assault is very similar to the attempted homicide charge, so the aggravated assault would probably encompass that,” Marsico said.

Both the homeowner and neighbors say they wish they would’ve known so they could’ve helped.

“Them little kids, why didn’t they just give them up instead of torturing them?”  neighbor Fred Anderson said.

The district attorney says animals in the home were fed and healthy while the children were starving.  Police say both Brandi and Joshua Weyant have denied abusing or neglecting the children.

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    1. CrazyLoveParent, We appreciate your input!!!!
      So many people think by ignoring this, it is simply going away. Our Children have been basically unprotected since the beginning of time, so it IS NOT JUST GOING TO GO AWAY, without all of us making it go away, so all of the Children to come never have to deal with this kind of injustice ever again.
      Thank You for coming back, if you would, be sure to catch my last post on Our Blog, My Brother’s Keeper,
      This sub-human molested 150 Children, and hey are planning on releasing him 10 years early.

      1. Crazy Love Parent, you are very welcome!!!!
        If you are on Google, that is where we got Our start August 19, 2014.
        If you aare on Google, I have a VIP Invitation to Our Circle, just search Not In My World under “posts”, and you will find us. But we are on Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, and Pinterest.

      2. Crazy Love Parents, you are so welcome!!!!
        I thought you might like a heads up, I have no idea of your geographical area as of this moment, but you will most probably won’t want to miss my 4 part post, “The Real Slavers: Yankee Teachers”.
        If you grab them by the throat in the first sentence, their hearts and minds will follow.
        I assure you, it is eye opening.
        Have a great day,

    1. SecretAngel, Thank You so much for your input!
      Yes it is, and it doesn’t stop. Our Children have been unprotected since the beginning of time, and one would think that in the time in which we live, civilized and with all the knowledge in this world at our finger-tips, things would be so different.
      But just the opposite is happening right before our eyes. All people care about is furthering this perverse, anti-Child agenda, and our Law Makers are right with these uncaring people, they seem intent on stealing the innocence of all of Our Children.
      Thank Our Mighty GOD that there are still some as yourself, for I am going to be right here drawing attention to what is so wrong in this world as long as there is breath in me.

      1. Hi Robert! Sorry for the delay in responding. Yes, this world is blind to the destruction that is taking place right in front of us. So many are intent on their own selfish desires that they do not realize the damage that is occurring next to them. Thanks for sharing this and God bless you and your endeavors!!

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