On Our Lonely Minds

.jpg photo of Child Abuse graphic
You have one ride in this game, sit on the side-lines or you can dance….

Happy Birthday

Although by now, I figure you might have noticed at least one or two of your old friends giving you “the look”, then when you all made eye contact, surely there was hidden “eye rolling” and “head shaking”.

But I would bet you any amount of Mammon, or even those Gold, Stairway-To-Heaven Bricks, that you are more than a little happy there are no short, picnic length, excursion rides on the ferry today (which is now yesterday).

You never imagined the remote possibility of this post even being started, much less my eyes darting anxiously toward that blue.. Publish Button.

The day finally came that we believe we were, we must have been adopted.

But, each set of north-sider, Pharisee eyes and ears, would have had no choice, but to look upon and hear my words.

AND, I DO MEAN EVERY ONE OF YOU….  The good part is that I don’t believe he will be too hard on you, but then, who am I to say….


.jpg photo of missing Child
MISSING!!!! Anibe Alexandra Odoma, is 5-years-old, lives in Houston, Texas


HOUSTON, TX  –  KIDNAPPED LAST NIGHT, May 05, 2017, by unknown persons.

CALLING ALL GOOD PEOPLE:  Veterans, Active Service Members, Fathers, Brothers, Explorers, Boy Scouts, Hunters, Fishermen, Scuba Divers.  Let’s WORK TOGETHER with Our Law Enforcement and reunite this Dear Family.

This young Ladies name is Anibe Alexandra Odoma, and she is 5-years-old.

Anibe Alexandra Odoma lives in Houston, Texas

Please SHARE/FORWARD this to every Friend Possible.

Anibe Alexandra Odoma was kidnapped from her home and Family in Houston, Texas, last night, May 05, 2017.

Someone rang the doorbell and Anibe answered the door and was TAKEN.


Needed – Good People And Good Neighbors

.jpg photo of Child Abuse Graphic
Your Child Needs You, Before It’s Too Late.

Good Parents and Good People are defined
by Values Not Race

We are going to do a short series on “Your Child Needs You”, but this is also an attempt to get everyone’s attention who believes in a set of basic values they were raised by, and would never consider stepping over the line on one of these values.

Children deserve a good set of parents, who will supervise and protect them at all times, however, there is no way one man and one woman can so this for 18 years.

We have a responsibility to every Child in this world, which is not being taken seriously.

If you are the type individual that can turn your eyes away from anyone being mistreated, hurt, or Bullyed, then you are NOT who I am talking to, because you have already stepped over the line on the values I hold dear and near to my heart.

Today, when you are out and around, focus on the big picture.  Be aware of what is happening all around you, and DO NOT HESITATE TO CALL LAW ENFORCEMENT, if needed.