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A war is being waged for Our Children, will you join the fight?

Organizational Alliances

I received an email from a Good Friend the middle of June of this year.  I could not believe my eyes, so I reread this over and over it seems, because Our Senior Editor said she watched me for over 5 minutes as I sat and couldn’t help but shake my head in disbelief.

We had been inducted into the Army.

No, we are an ally of the Army.  We ARE an Army that is an ally to a bigger Army.

Ark of Hope for Children proudly recognizes the following Allied Organizations.

I had never imagined anything like this, Ark of Hope for Children recognizing NOT IN MY WORLD!!!! as an “Allied Organization”?

But just then my eyes fell on the other “Allied Organizations”, and suddenly I was reduced to the “Sand Lot” Team and our t-shirts we wear, while this group all had uniforms, scouts, Team jets… and now as I look back, (and after reading all of the email again, and making sure no one was watching this time), we aren’t such a “Sand Lot” Team anymore,   In a month and 3 days we will be 3 years old, with over 14,800 Followers.

Then my eyes just happened to look at the Yankees, Dodgers, and the White Sox….  Mr. Blair Corbett are you sure of this????

Right beside Our name….  I was humbled to my knees, and I prayed, and gave Thanks to THE ONE MAN that deserved all the credit.

Ark of Hope for Children proudly recognizes the following Allied Organizations.

Not In My World is an online child victim advocacy group that has grown dramatically in influence as it shares awareness of the harms of child abuse and human trafficking.

The levels of apathy in our world are still high towards the plight of survivors but the impassioned leaders of Not In My World are truly making a difference.

They use their various social network sites including Facebook, Google+ and Twitter and encourage their followers to work hard to make that change.

The leadership of NIMW and everyone involved has embraced Ark of Hope for Children’s mission in a great way by sharing our programs, resources and our Removing Chains of Child Abuse book and journal, and resources.

Thank you to the many thousands of followers of NIMW for your passion!