Father, Mother Charged With Felony Child Abuse

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Indifference will never stop Child Abuse

Dirty, injured boy asks neighbor for food;
parents charged with Child Abuse

WASHINGTON, DC  –  The parents of a 10-year-old boy face felony charges after their son knocked on a neighbor’s door to ask for food in Prince William County.

The boy was injured and was wearing dirty clothes, police said.

The neighbor, who lives on Aden Road in Nokesville, called police Tuesday afternoon.  Officers determined that the boy had left his home more than a mile away earlier in the day, Prince William County Police Officer Nathan Probus said.

The parents are accused of forcing their son to kneel on sharp objects for long periods of time and burning his hands on a hot stove as a way to punish him.

The boy was taken to a hospital, and was in the custody of Child Protective Services.

Walter Enrique Flores-Chiquillo, 35, and Barbara Margarita Ramirez Del Cid, 28, both of Nokesville, were arrested Wednesday on felony child abuse charges.  Both were being held without bond.

Additional charges were expected to be filed in the case, police said.

6 thoughts on “Father, Mother Charged With Felony Child Abuse”

    1. Miss Talkaholic, I couldn’t agree more. In fact that’s about all there is now days, well for about the last year and a half, since the Anti-Child Agenda totally did away with all the good that has been done in the Child Advocacy area since the early 1960’s.
      Any way you look at it, Our Children are far less protected, and in fact not protected at all now, most particularly past the money barrier.

      1. Well, we do not have the concept of jailing parents for regulating or being strict with kids. Neither do we have cases of child abuses by their own parents. So, yes when I hear such kind of news I feel so distinct and sad at the same time.

    1. Irene, I totally agree. My Brothers and I were warned of this and not allowed any where near the stove, much less the kitchen when frying or heating any liquid to near a boil…. well it had to be near a boil to cause what sounded like very critical burns. But Irene, I have trouble swallowing this excuse, but then it sounds to me like it was for this Dear Child. On top of that, milk scorches so easily.
      I feel like if this wasn’t on purpose, this dude had to be on drugs…. but then so did this Child’s Mother.
      The sentences handed down to very nearly everyone convicted of any kind of Child Abuse is far too light.

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