Where Were You

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September 11, 2001

I will never forget….

We were working at Raytheon, of all places, and the week had started well.  But then every day started well, but none had ever ended the way that day did….

Although a year and a half before when I sat with my Niece and Mother at that 15+foot conference table filled with medical professionals, and they continued to counsel me with their understanding looks and consoling words, and even asking permission to go to a first name basis, as they continued to return to their “evidence” that my Son was no longer alive.  I should let these important people go to help others, that were living human beings.

That day, like this day, I realized those “Medical Professionals” were not the “Good Guys”, wearing white hats, and certainly not Friends of The Lone Ranger, just like these evil humans that did this evil thing to Our Friends and Neighbors.  Which in turn, cost us more than even that, so many of Our Protectors that would never walk in their door after work….

What is wrong with people.

How can anyone delight in seeing, much less hurting someone.

The day was Tuesday, and it was a great day.  At least until the guards were suddenly there, with LOADED M-16s no less….

After a while they brought us a television, and our day went to hell in a handbasket, as we watched Our America The Beautiful as she was attacked.

Later, they asked if we would like to go home to be with Our Families, and everyone of us had seen that these guys who were Our Friends never looked away from that television, just like us, except to cover when tears would begin to fall as rain.  So, it was easy to say “ah we might be able to get a little work in later”, which startled them for only a second, and then we cried together.

But I do know one thing for sure, because we all said it that day:


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  1. I’m sorry to hear, that you have lost your Son, Robert.
    I never forget that day either, even I was far away in another country. The hole world went in chock that day.

    1. Irene, I didn’t lose my 3rd Son, a small, tiny part of the story is on “Lies and the Hypocrite’s Oath”, I just didn’t go into it on “Where Were You”, but I had to compare the people that lied to me with the people that did or would do anything like this to hurt anyone.
      Irene, these Medical Professionalslied to me for a day and a half, never imagining that I knew any different.
      The absolute truth of the matter is that when a person’s head has sustained severe trauma, the brain swells, I think mostly because of blood leaking into the skull, although with any kind of head trauma, it is no different than “Shaken Baby Syndrome”, although an adults and also a teenagers neeck muscles are much stronger that a tiny baby.
      But anyway, as I was saying, the brain swells, and after a certain point, the presure in the head prevents any kind of detectable activity, whereby they must do a brain stem test to detect any activity.
      These liars never said anything about a brain stem test, they only talked of “No Brain Activity At All”.
      As I stated in “Lies and the Hypocrite’s Oath”, as the door cracked open to my Son’s ICU Room, I smelled him all around me, just as when I held him when he was a tiny baby, and just as when he would hug me, My Son rushed to me and held close for me to protect him, and I know this now and believe it as I knew that very first second, My Son Was Alive, and it had to be Our Mighty GOD, or one of HIS Angels that made me aware of this.
      Irene, just so you know, Joshua is still alive and well 17 and 1/2 years later.
      All my Love always Irene, you always know when I need cheering up, you are always in my prayers,

      1. Thank you for your explanation, Robert. I’m happy to hear, that your son is still alive.
        English is not my first language and sometimes I miss the point, as yesterday with the lies. ICU saved my life this summer in Spain, for what I feel very grateful. I wrote about this earlier and my daughter wrote for me, while I was in coma. I’m grateful to be alive. Take good care of yourself and your family, Robert.

      2. Irene, you did it again, just at the perfect time when I was really low and feeling the blues, here you are with a big ray of sunshine.
        Have a great day yourself,

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