San Antonio Texas Cares For All Children

.jpg photo of area with high Child Abuse
The two-year pilot program will focus on the 78207 zip code.

Program aims to reduce Child Abuse, Neglect

SAN ANTONIO, TX  –  The City of San Antonio approved spending money on a pilot program aimed at reducing the amount of child abuse and neglects cases.

The two-year pilot program will focus on the 78207 zip code, which the state said has the highest number of reports for child abuse in Bexar County.

“You can spot them right away because they’re either quiet or they’re very mean,” said Dolores Sotomayor.  “They’re just rebellious and it’s just anger or hurt that they’re carrying.”

Until two weeks ago, Sotomayor lived in the 78207 zip code.  She has experienced firsthand the dangers of child abuse.  A family member was convicted of sexually assaulting her 14-year-old daughter in 2011.  Sotomayor said they discovered her daughter has been abused when she gave birth to a baby girl.

“It was very difficult, but I had a large support team,” Sotomayor said.

“I believe that making children a priority will be better for the whole city,” said City Council District 5 Councilwoman Shirley Gonzales.

Gonzales pushed for the city to invest $260,000 on the two-year child abuse prevention pilot program.

“It involves a promotion program where we will be training community health workers to go out into the neighborhoods and try to address this issue one-on-one,” Gonzales said.

The program will begin when the new budget starts in October.

6 thoughts on “San Antonio Texas Cares For All Children”

    1. Irene, I got news for you, San Antonio, which is in central Texas(I live in Dallas Texas), has been getting more “pro-Children” since early in 2015.
      That is when Mr. Nico LaHood became the new District Attorney. First thing, he setup a Child Abuse Division!!!! I know because I had to post that one, an I had just been at this less than 6 months.
      How time flys when you have the blues after doing your chosen job everyday.

      1. Irene, I know for a fact that there are people who will not compromise their values, just as I know there are people that would not, for any reason inflict undue pain nor punishment on anyone, nor even think of doing anything hurtful, mean, or cruel to any animal, fowl, or water creature.
        I know this Irene because of people like you and Our Friends here, and of course some I have met through my life.
        Thank You Irene, and I send all Good Things your way.
        So in effect, when these perverse sub-humans say they only acted on impulse in doing wrong to a Woman or Child, or even a weak Man, I say bull crap, give them a permanent place away from any community or small group of normal human beings.

      2. As you, I have learned many souls to know in my life and also met some of the monsters, as I call them, they are not humans with humanity values. I hope to be able to stay away from all kind of monsters for the rest of this life. They belong in the jail for life.

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